The Best Pink Hoverboards for 2018

If you’re the kind of person who likes to quote Mean Girls and lives by the rule “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” you will love this article. Whether shopping for yourself or for a daughter (or son!) that loves the color pink there are plenty of high quality and safe hoverboards available. These glideboards have all the features you’re looking for in a personal transporter, plus they come in various shades of pink. If you ever wanted the hoverboard from Back to the Future II, these pink hoverboards are a great option (even if they don’t fly). Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews.

Pink Hoverboards Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for pink hoverboards. If you want to read our in-depth review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

NamePhotoRatingWheel SizeFeaturesBuy
4.5 Star Rating6.5inMax speed: 8 mph, distances: 5-7 miles, LED lights, free carrying case
4 Star Rating6.5inMax speed: 6 mph, distance: 10 miles, LED Safety Lights, 2 Hour Charge Time, Max Weight: 220lbs
Swagtron T6
4.5 Star Rating10inMax speed: 12 mph, distance: 7-12 miles, all terrain design, Bluetooth Speakers, phone app, turn signals, min weight: 44 lbs, max weight: 420 lbs.
Vecaro GLIDE
5 Star Rating6.5inMax speed: 10 mph, distance: 11 miles, LED lights, 90 min charge time, max weight 220 lbs.
H1 Gemini
5 Star Rating7.5inMax speed: 12 mph, distance: 10 miles, Bluetooth speakers, carry handle, LED lights

Want to compare all of the hoverboards we’ve reviewed? Check out our Hoverboard Comparison Chart.

5 Best Pink Hoverboards Reviews

XtremepowerUS Pink Hoverboard

This is a great budget option if you’re looking for a cheap hoverboard with a bright pink color! Even better, they offer a leopard pink print if you want to express your wild side! This hoverboard from XtremepowerUS is a basic model, but it has everything you need to ride. The certified battery allows for speeds up to 8 miles per hour and riding 5-7 miles on a single charge. It does require about 2 to 3 hours to recharge, but it works great for casual riding and doing tricks in the park.

In addition to LED safety lights, it also comes with a free carrying case. Weighing only 26 lbs. it’s easy to take your hoverboard with you anywhere. With a compact size and an affordable price, this is a great pink hoverboard for teens or adults (the manufacturer recommends riders should be 12 years of age or older).

Available colors: pink, black, blue, rose gold, gold, green

Wheel Size: 6″

Max Speed: 8 mph

Max Distance: 5-7 miles

Notable features: UL safety certified, free carrying case, max weight: 200 lbs, lithium ion battery, 2-3 hour charge time

Swagtron T6 Off-Road Pink Camo Hoverboard

Though pink is often considered a “girly” color, you aren’t limited to a wimpy hoverboard. In fact, this heavy duty off-road Swagtron hoverboard not only comes in pink–it’s camo pink! This model from Swagtron is for serious riders. The heavy duty design is meant to ride on all terrains over mud, grass, and gravel at inclines of up to 30 degrees. It’s also one of the fastest hoverboards on the market, able to reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Biggers guy and gals can also enjoy the freedom and fun of a hoverboard, as the T6 can support riders up to 420 lbs. That makes this hoverboard great to use a personal transporter for people with mobility issues.

In addition to the LED lights found standard on most hoverboards, this pink hoverboard also features turning signals. Other awesome features include built-in Bluetooth speakers and a smartphone app to play music, monitor speed, battery life, and travel distance. Because of the wheel size and the rugged design, we recommend this model for teens and adults. It’s great for outdoors lovers who enjoy adventuring, getting dirty, and taking everything to the max.

Available colors: black, desert camouflage, pink camouflage

Wheel Size: 10″

Max Speed: 12 mph

Max Distance: 7-12 miles

Notable features: UL2272 Safety Certification, All terrain design, Solid rubber tires, Built-in Bluetooth speakers, Sentry Shield Battery Protection, Lithium Ion Battery, Charge time: 2-3 hours, free IOS & Android app, min weight: 44 lbs., max weight: 420 lbs., battery indicator, turning signals, LED lights

Koo Personal Adult Transporter

If you’re looking specifically for an affordable or cheap hoverboard in the color pink, check out this model from Koo. This 2 wheel self balancing transporter has been updated to meet all government safety guidelines with their lithium battery. This hoverboard only takes one or two hours to charge and then provides up to 2 to 3 hours of riding time. The Koo pink hoverboard is great for casual riding on cement and sidewalks and more advanced users will enjoy doing tricks on this board.

For the lower price, the model does sacrifice some of the flashier features seen on more expensive models. It’s also slower than other hoverboards, capping at 6 mph. However, this price point and the 6.5″ wheel size make this a great hoverboard for kids or teens. Comes with a charger and an instruction manual.

Available colors: blue, gold, black, pink, red, chrome gold

Wheel Size: 6.5in

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Notable features: UL2272 Safety Certification, LED lights, 1-2 hour charging time, max load 220 lbs, Low Battery Protection

Vecaro GLIDE Scooter

If you want your pink hoverboard to have a little shine to it, feast your eyes on the Glide-BK. Great for casual riders, this hoverboard features a chrome finish ABS plastic shell that gives a great shine to any color–including pink. These hoverboards are also IP5 water resistant so you have no worries if you ride them through puddles or in light rain. Though the Glide is Vecaro’s basic hoverboard model, it has all the basic feautures you need. In addition to a quick charge Samsung lithium ion battery, it also features LED headlights and battery indicator lights.

The 6’5″ wheel size means this hoverboard is great for kids, teens, or adults to ride inside or outside. In addition to pink, it’s also available in a variety of matte and metallic colors so you can find the right model for anyone in your family.

Available colors: black, blue, red, white, metallic pink, metallic gold, metallic blue, metallic light gold, metallic purple, metallic red, metallic silver

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Distance: 11 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 Certification, LED headlights, battery indicators, 2 riding modes, Samsung ion battery, max weight: 220 lbs., 90 min charging time, up to 2 hour ride time

Genesis H1 Gemini Pink Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

If you want features and style, and a pink hoverboard that stands out from all the rest, you will love the H1 Gemini. This hoverboard features all the control and stats you can need. It has an on-board LED display to give you up to the minute stats on speed, temperature, and battery life. You can also connect to the smartphone app to play your music via the Bluetooth speakers and check all of your riding stats.

The H1 Gemini also has a built-in carrying handle so you can easily tote it around after a nice ride. With a max speed of 12 mph this is a great model for serious riders, students who need to get around campus, and urban commuters. The H1 Gemini is also great for casual riding in the park, especially if you want to hang with friends and listen to music. If pink isn’t your color, (why are you reading this article?) this hoverboard also comes in black.

Available colors: black, pink, blue, white, green, red

Wheel Size: 7.5″

Max Speed: 12 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 Certification, Bluetooth speakers, iOS & Android app, security alarm, LED status screen, LED tail lights, built in carrying handle, 2 hour charge time, max weight: 220 lbs.

Did you find the pink hoverboard of your dreams? Don’t forget to get some hoverboard safety gear and hoverboard accessories to enhance your ride.

Want to explore more color options? Check out black hoverboards with bluetooth speakers.

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