8 Best Safe Hoverboard Alternatives in 2024

While hoverboards are tons of fun for adults and kids alike, you may not be ready to see your child zipping around on a hoverboard. Whether you live in a place where hoverboards are banned or don’t want your kid riding one yet, there are plenty of fun hoverboard alternatives to get your kids and teens playing outside. Maybe a loved one had a hoverboard on their wish list and you need a different gift idea. Many of these gadgets give the same outdoor fun and excitement that’s achieved with a self-balancing hoverboard, without the high price tag or the safety concerns.

Here are some cool and fun hoverboard alternatives:

Safe Hoverboard Alternatives

1. Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Scooters are a fun alternative to hoverboards, especially for kids. If you’re looking for an electric motor to go with your scooter, you’re in luck. Razor makes many models of electric scooters in a variety of colors. Made with a sturdy steel frame, the electric scooter features a rechargeable 24V battery that allows for 40 minutes of continuous run time at speeds up to 12 mph. One of the plus sides of these scooters over hoverboards is if you run out of battery, you can still use the scooter by foot power.

Other features include a chain driven motor, 8″ pneumatic tires, a retractable kickstand, and a battery charger.

2. Ripstik Caster Board

If you’re looking for more of a skateboard like experience, a Ripstik Caster Board is the perfect substitution for a hoverboard. This awesome board from Razor combines the skills of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding into one experience. The Ripstik uses a twisting motion to propel you forward, eliminating the need to push with your foot like you would on a skateboard. Built with only 2 wheels, you can make 360-degree turns and even propel yourself up hills.

Available colors: red, blue

Notable features: 76 mm polyurethane wheels, ABEC-5 Bearings, spiked traction pads, good for children 8 years+, supports up to 222 lbs

3. EzyRoller Classic Ride On

Another self-powered option, the EzyRoller is a fun way to get your kid outside and exercising. Designed to move through manipulation of the foot bars, kids create the speed by moving their legs left-right. It also has a handbrake so the rider can easily stop. Since all the operation happens with the feet, your hands are free while you ride so they can toss balls or play other games. It rides well on concrete and asphalt but doesn’t do well on grass, gravel, and other terrains.

While the minimum age for use is four, riders will probably max out around 14 years old. The limiting factor will be weight (maximum 150 lbs) and length of their legs. The optional extender bars do let the EzyRoller grow with your child, so they can enjoy it for years to come.

Recommended Ages: Age 4 years and older

Colors: black, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, purple

Notable Features: 2 Extendable leg bars to grow with your child, max weight 150 lbs., steel frame, good exercise

4. Orbitwheel Skates

These portable transports look like something out of the future, like the type of roller skates George Jetson would use. Orbitwheel is two wheels, one for each foot. They work separately, giving you the freedom of rollerblades with the thrill of a skateboard. By moving your legs in a wave-like motion, the Orbitwheels are self-propelling, eliminating the work of simple skating. The tricks and maneuvers you can perform with Orbitwheels are more amazing and complex than anything you could achieve with a hoverboard or simple roller skates.

Available colors: green/blue, black/red

Notable features: self powered, good exercise, portable and compact design

5. Razor Jetts DLX Heel Wheels

The Orbitwheels have a learning curve, so if you’re looking for something that’s easier to use, Razor Heel Wheels are a great option for kids and teens. The heel wheels strap onto your shoes and instantly turn them into a roller-skate like ride. All you need to do is take a running start, lean back on the wheels and go. If you need to stop, just lean your toes forward.

While they recommend the Heel Wheels for kids 8 years old and up, the size of your kid’s feet will be the determining factor. They’re made to adjust and fit youth size 12 through adult size 12 shoes. The DLX model has a few extra flashy features–LED wheel lights and a sparking mechanism if you lean all the way back on the heels. It’s all for show, but some teens will think it’s cool.

Recommended Ages: 8 years old and up

Available colors: Blue, neon green

Notable features: Max rider weight 176 lbs., fits shoe size youth 12 through adult 12, LED wheel lights, wheel sparks

6. Kidzone Electric Bumper Car

If you want to give your kid racing fun without the risk of falls that a hoverboard brings, this is a great alternative. Designed to mimic bumper cars, this is a fun device to ride indoors or out and is great for groups of kids. With full 360 degree spinning capability, this electric car can be ridden around for fun or used in groups as a “bumper car” experience at home. The joystick controls are intuitive to use. This bumper car rides easily on carpet, sidewalks, and other smoother surfaces. You may have problems with grass or gravel.

The safety belt keeps your child safely in the car while it’s in operation and parents can take control of the vehicle at any time with the include remote control. With a max speed of less than 1 mile per hour, this is really a safer option for young kids. Each kid can customize their car with a racing number thanks to the included stickers.

Unfortunately, only younger kids can enjoy this ride as the recommended rider age maxes out at 6 years old, but it’s a fun and safe option for little kids who aren’t ready for hoverboards.

Recommended Age: 1.5 to 6 years old

Max Speed: 0.75 mph

Ride Time: 1-2 hours

Colors: Blue, dark blue, green, pink, white, yellow

Notable features: ASTM certified, safety belt, parent remote control, max rider weight 66 lbs, charge time 5 hours, LED lights, stickers for customization

7. Nighthawk Electric Ride On

If your child is too old for the bumper car and has a need for some speed, the Nighthawk electric ride on is a fun option. Riders sit on the Nighthawk and control the speed using the start and stop foot pedals. To navigate, you grab the handles on each side and lean the vehicle to go left and right. It’s very intuitive to use and kids can pick up on the control quickly. The max speed is 6 mph, which gives the kids plenty of opportunity to zip around. Since they’re low to the ground and will be holding the handlebars, it is a relatively safe ride. Make sure to have your kid wear proper safety gear in case they do fall off.

The rubber wheels are great for riding on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or gym floors. You won’t be able to ride the Nighthawk on grass or gravel.

Recommended Age: 6 years and older

Max Speed: 6 mph

Notable features: start/stop foot pedals, red safety flag, max rider weight 110 lbs, 90 minute ride time

8. Radio Flyer Ultimate Go Kart

Go Karts are a classic child’s toy that can be a fun alternative to a hoverboard. Design for kids age three to eight, the seat adjusts as your child grows. Made from a solid steel frame, this kart features rubber tires and extra wide rear tires if you child wants to “drift.” Set the driving speed easily using the shift hand to select 2.5, 5, or 8 mph.

While this go kart drive on rough surfaces like grass or gravel, it performs best on smooth surfaces like concrete or asphalt. For safety, this go kart features a parent control lock to control the driving speed. It also has a seat belt and a racing flag for increased visibility. The manufacturer does recommend that your child wears a helmet while riding this go kart.

Recommended Age: 3 to 8 years old

Max Speed: 8 mph (three driving speeds 2.5, 5, and 8 mph)

Ride Time: 45 minutes

Colors: red, pink

Notable features: solid steel frame, rubber tires, adjustable seat, 3 speeds, weight limit 81 pounds

Already own a hoverboard? Turn it into a hoverboard kart.

Don’t forget to shop for safety gear and children’s safety gear to go with your hoverboard alternatives.