Must Have Hoverboard Accessories

Once you finally pick out the perfect hoverboard, your shopping is not over. There are tons of hoverboard accessories available. Some are essential to protect you and your hoverboard, while others are just for fun. In this article, we break down all the different types of hoverboard accessories available so you can find the best ones to enhance your ride.

Hoverboard Cases

While you’ll spend most of your time riding your hoverboard, there will be times you need to carry it. A carrying case is the easiest way to do this as they protect your hoverboard from the elements and make handling the transporter easier. When shopping for a case, make sure that it is the right size for your hoverboard. Some hoverboard brands make their own cases specifically for their models, but we’re reviewing generic cases. Here are some of the best cases available.

Hoverboard Backpack Case

Hoverboards are often somewhat heavy, weighing 20 pounds or more, so that can be uncomfortable to carry around for long periods of time. This clever hoverboard case solves that problem by adding a pair of backpack straps so you can wear it like a backpack. It also has a mesh pocket for your hoverboard’s charging cable or anything else. If the backpack style doesn’t work for you, it also has a carrying handle to carry your hoverboard like a briefcase. Made from durable nylon with a waterproof lining that protects against rain and snow.

Available Colors: black, red

Hoverboard Sizes: Up to 7″ wheels, max 23.5″ length

Rolling Hoverboard Case & Backpack

If you find the weight of your hoverboard too much to carry, this is a great alternative. This 2 in 1 case works as a backpack or as a rolling case. Working like a carry on roller bag, this case has a collapsible handle so you can easily roll the bag behind you while you walk. When you’re feeling enthusiastic, you can use the adjustable shoulder straps to wear the case like a backpack.

Hoverboard Sizes: 6.5″ wheels only

Hoverboard Hard Case

If you want to protect your hoverboard from damage, the best way to do it is with a hard case. This case looks like it should have some sort of musical instrument inside, but it’s designed to fit hoverboards. It’s water resistant with a tough outer case to protect your hoverboard from dings and damage. For carrying options, there is a hand held handle or a shoulder strap.

Hoverboard Sizes: 6.5″ wheels only


You can take your hoverboard riding to a new level with a hoverkart. These are kits that you buy to transform your hoverboard from a two wheel balance board to a go-kart like vehicle.

Hoverboard Go Kart

With this hoverkart frame, your two wheel self balancing electric scooter attaches to the cart and functions as the back wheels. When you sit in the cart, your feet go on the front rests and you steer the hoverboard and control the speedd using the pull rods.

The hoverboard is attached using nylon straps, so it works with any size hoverboard. The frame has four length adjustment options, so this can be ridden by shorter children and adults as well. This is a nice investment so everyone in the family can enjoy riding the hoverboard, even if they have terrible balance.

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Protective & Decorative Hoverboard Decals

One drawback of many hoverboard models on the market right now is they look very similar to one another. The easiest way to differentiate your hoverboard from all the others is by getting one of the more than 100 hoverboard decal kits that are now available. For an affordable price, you can get some really slick hoverboard sticker designs that can make your board stand out from the rest.

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If you’re worried about your hoverboard getting scratched or dinged up, or you just want to give your ride a new look that will protect it, consider a silicone hoverboard cover. These are made to fit most traditionally designed 6.5″ hoverboards. They snuggly fit on your hoverboard like a silicone case fits on your phone. They also come in a variety of colors and are affordable enough to buy a few so you can change up the look of your hoverboard when your mood changes.

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Nighttime Safety Shoe Lights for Hoverboard Riders

Some hoverboards have LED lights on them for nighttime safety and visibility, but not all of them. And some hoverboards that do have lights only have lights on their front, not the back of the unit. These slick safety lights clip to the rear of your sneakers and allow you to be visible from cars approaching behind you. They illuminate either a solid red (like a car’s tail lights) or a flashing strobe red glow. (Find more hoverboard safety gear here)

Personal Protective Gear

Best Hoverboard Accessories and Safety GearSafety is extremely important when you’re riding a hoverboard. Even though you may not think of safety gear as accessories for your new hoverboard, you should be. The main danger with riding a hoverboard is that you may fall off and injure yourself. The main types of gear you should consider wearing is helmets to protect your head from serious injury (this is especially important if you ride in the street with other vehicles) and protective pads for your wrists, elbows, and knees.

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