5 Fun Hoverboard Games for Kids & Teens

5 Fun Hoverboard Games for Kids & Teens

5 Fun Hoverboard Games for Kids & Teens

Hoverboards are one of the hottest gadgets for kids and teens, and the fact that it gets them outside is a great bonus for parents! Once you get a kid’s hoverboard for your children, and they learn to ride it, there’s plenty for them to do with it that just riding around on the driveway. These fun games are perfect to play outside with friends while they ride their hoverboards.

Fun Hoverboard Games

1. Hoverboard Tag

This classic game for kids is even more fun when everyone is on a hoverboard. If you aren’t familiar with the game, the rules are simple. One person is “it” and their goal is to tag another player so they become “it.” The cycle continues, with each unlucky rider who is tagged becoming “it.”

There are a few fun twists to put on this game when hoverboards are involved. If you have only one hoverboard, the person who is “it” can be the one riding it. If everyone has a hoverboard, take the game to the park at night or in the evening so all the hoverboard lights add extra fun to it.

2. Hoverboard Race

A regular sprint becomes twice as fun if hoverboards are involved. The simplest form is to have everyone on a hoverboard line up and race for the finish line. Make it more of a skills challenge by adding obstacles to ride around or over. This is a fun activity for neighborhood streets or friends gathering in the park.

3. Don’t Get Dizzy!

You know how kids love to spin in circles until they collapse on the ground completely dizzy? The same game can be played on a hoverboard. One of the easiest tricks to do on a hoverboard is to spin in a circle. Have everyone line up and spin in circles. When people fall off or get so dizzy they stop, they’re out. The last person is standing wins.

4. Simon Says

Another old school game for kids translates well to riding a hoverboard. One person is picked as “Simon” to instruct the rest of the group. They follow Simon’s guidance, as long as they say “Simon says…” first. Anyone who follows an instruction without the magic word is out. Last person standing becomes the new “Simon.”

5. Don’t Drop the Ball

This is a fun game for all ages where everyone works together. Get a lightweight bouncy ball or a balloon. One person hits the ball in the air and everyone has to work together to keep hitting it to keep that ball from touching the ground. Adding in hoverboards adds an additional challenge.

If you’re looking for more fun things to do, check out these hoverboard tricks.

Check out the best hoverboards for kids and don’t forget to get some hoverboard safety gear for kids.

How to do easy hoverboard tricks

How to do easy hoverboard tricks [Videos]

Hoverboards are all the rage at the moment, and there are a lot of people interested in how to do easy hoverboard tricks. Here are some hoverboard trick videos that we’ve compiled from across the web. By and large, these are easy hoverboard tricks, although there are some harder tricks in this list. As with any hoverboard tricks, we recommend hoverboard safety gear.

The Roundabout

To do the Roundabout, crouch and hold on to one wheel cover for stability. Then begin rotating in a circle. [Source]

The Sideways Circle
Gfycat gif
To do the Sideways Circle, balance on one pedal/rim of your hoverboard, and spin. This can be done with either the inner wheel of the rotation or the outer wheel (as shown in the gif above).

The Bounceback
Gfycat gif

The Bounceback is pretty simple, just tilt forward to ride for a few feet, and then backwards again, rapidly. [Source]

The Turnstyle
Gfycat gif

The Turnstyle is one of the most common easy hoverboard tricks: basically you rotate your hoverboard while jumping so your feet land back on the footpads but you’re oriented towards the back instead of the front. [Source]

The Sitting Spin-Circle
Gfycat gif

The sitting spin circle is an easy hoverboard trick you can do by sitting down on your hoverboard lengthwise, bowing your knees out, and then tilting to spin. [Source]

The Handstand
Gfycat gif

Some hoverboard trick videos look easy. Others don’t. This one doesn’t. The Handstand is exactly what it sounds like: doing a handstand on your hoverboard. It helps to start from a position down on all fours like in the above GIF. [Source]

As a reminder, safety is extremely important when you’re learning to do hoverboard tricks (whether they’re easy hoverboard tricks or difficult ones). Don’t forget to wear proper hoverboard safety gear while learning tricks.

Looking for more fun things to do with your hoverboard, check out these hoverboard games for kids and teens.