Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids
Hoverboards are extremely popular among kids and teenagers and while hoverboards are now much safer thanks to the required UL Certifications, there’s still a bit of risk that comes with riding them. Now, this risk is about the same as riding a bike, skateboarding, or roller skating. Accidents can happen, but wearing proper protective gear will help keep your kid safe and injury-free in most scenarios.

In this article, we break down all the hoverboard safety gear for kids that will help prevent injury. All of these items are essential if you’re buying a hoverboard for your child.

Essentail Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Hoverboard Helmets

If you only buy one piece of safety gear for your kid, we recommend a helmet. Head injuries can be fatal and while they may seem less likely when your child is riding a hoverboard, they could still fall off and hit their head. A helmet will help protect them from concussion, breaking their skull, or receiving any cuts to their scalp.

Just imagine your child losing their balance and their head making contact with the concrete–it’s much safer with the buffer of a high-quality sports helmet. Generally, when shopping for hoverboard helmets for kids, you want to look for multi-sport helmets designed for a combination of sports like rollerblading and skateboarding. You also want to check the safety ratings for the helmet. Click the button below to see all of our helmet recommendations for children.

Hoverboard Protective Pads

Okay, now that we’ve sold you on the helmet, we have another recommendation for your kid. Imagine them falling, but this time they land on their elbows or their knees. While these injuries are usually less severe, torn clothes and scraped skin are not a pleasant matter. Usually, a set of pads designed for skateboarding or rollerblading will work perfectly for riding a hoverboard. These are sets that include knee pads, elbow pads, and sometimes wristguards as well. A set of six pads is usually very affordable–you can usually find something in the $10-$25 range–and really essential for younger kids and children just learning how to ride a hoverboard.

If you want a quick recommendation, we like the protective pads set from Adicop. Affordable and attractive, this set of 6 comes with kid-sized elbow and knee pads, plus wrist guards. These will help prevent bumps, scrapes, and bruises from riding a hoverboard. They have three colors: black and red, orange and white, plus pink.

Hoverboard Safety Lights

If your child ever rides their hoverboard in low light conditions or on neighborhood streets, then safety lights should be an essential part of their hoverboarding outfit. While many hoverboards have LED lights built into them, that may not be enough to keep your child visible when they’re riding in the evening or at night. Since the hoverboards are so low to the ground, drivers may not see them. So other safety lights or reflective gear is essential to keep your child visible and safe.

We have an entire article about safety lights and reflectors for hoverboard riding, but if I had to recommend only one visibility product for kids, it would be the rechargeable LED light belt.

Learn more about hoverboard safety and safe riding and also check out hoverboard helmets for adults.

FAQ About Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Is it safe for children to ride hoverboards?

Hoverboard Safety Gear for ChildrenThanks to the new UL Certification rules in the US and Canada, hoverboard are much safer than previous models whose batteries would catch on fire. With those safety concerns out of the way, riding a hoverboard is as safe as riding a skateboard. While it’s generally safe, there is a chance of injury, which is why we recommend hoverboard safety gear for all children.

We also recommend your child only ride their hoverboard on your driveway, in the park, or on sidewalks. They should not ride their 2 wheel balancing scooter in the street, especially in areas with traffic. Also, make sure you check local laws because riding hoverboards may be banned in specific locations or cities and could result in a ticket or fine.

Do I need to buy a special hoverboard for a child?

While hoverboards aren’t marketed toward specific ages, they do come in different sizes that are easier to ride depending on how big the rider is. For most children, we recommend a hoverboard with a 6.5″ wheel size–the smallest on the market currently. The smaller size is easier to maneuver and weighs less, so your kid will have an easier time carrying it. Older kids and teens may be more comfortable on an 8″ hoverboard. Check out some of our recommendations for the best hoverboards for kids.