What are hoverboards and how do hoverboards work?

Safe Hoverboards for Sale in 2016

What is the name of a two wheeled scooter?

You’ve probably seen people riding around on electric scooters that look like a Segway without a handle bar. These new devices go by many names, the most popular being “hoverboard.” Other come names are “glideboards,” “balance boards,” “self balancing personal transporter,” or “self-balancing electric scooters.”

Some people not familiar with them may call them “two wheeled self balancing electric vehicles,” “two wheel stand up electric scooter,” or “two wheel scooter.”

What is a hoverboard?

Hoverboards are no longer just a thing of the movies. In a nutshell, these personal mobility devices are essentially Segways without the steering handle. Hoverboards are compact, often fit in a backpack or under your arm and can be carried and used anywhere where there is a flat surface (as long as they’re legal– which they aren’t in New York City or London because of traffic congestion). Some people have even been using hoverboards off-road but we wouldn’t recommend that.

2016 Updates: Due to new safety regulations, hoverboards are available again to buy in the USA.

Safe hoverboards for sale in 2016.

Explore safe hoverboard alternatives.

How do Hoverboards work?

Hoverboards have two self-balancing gyroscopes that connect to separate motors for each wheel, which allows the unit to balance and move in the direction that the person riding the hoverboard wants. Hoverboards are split down the middle and connected by an axle so that the left wheel can turn out of sync with the right wheel (which allows the person on the hoverboard to spin around in a circle).

Are Hoverboards safe?

As with any new technology, some manufacturers may be cutting costs by using inferior quality electronics but since hoverboards do not reach high speeds (they often max out at about 15 mph) they’re relatively safe. We recommend wearing the same safety gear you would wear on a skateboard however– so if you’re new to it or planning on doing extreme hoverboard tricks, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet may be advisable.

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How much do Hoverboards cost?

Even though hoverboards are a brand new technology, there is already a wide range of hoverboards from various manufacturers available, with prices ranging from over $1,000 down to only a few hundred dollars (Related: Top 5 Cheap hoverboards). As with anything, you get what you pay for though so choose your hoverboard carefully.

Where can you purchase a Hoverboard?

We provide several resources to choose the best hoverboard for you:

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