Best Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

If you’re only going to wear one piece of personal protective gear while riding your self-balancing scooter, a helmet is what you should wear. Hoverboard helmets protect the most important part of your body: your head! That’s where your brain is and while you may think you’re a pro rider who would never crash, you can’t predict what bumps you may encounter or if someone hits YOU. Wearing a helmet makes sure to protect you and your head in case there’s an unexpected crash.

While there aren’t really manufacturers making safety gear specifically for hoverboards, most gear made for skateboarders or rollerblading will work perfectly for riding a hoverboard. Even a bike helmet will work in a pinch (though you make look a little silly). If you need to buy a helmet, we’ve scoured all the options to find the best hoverboard helmets for adults. Check them out below.

Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

This is one of the most popular helmets among skateboarders and it works great for riding a hoverboard as well. Featuring the classic skate side cut helmet design, it comes in 15 trendy color options so you’re sure to find something to match your hoverboard. This helmet is comfortable to wear with adjustable straps and the Triple 8 sweat saver liner to keep you cool.

Note: this helmet does not meet the certification requirements for bicycle use, so it should only be used with a hoverboard or skates.

Available colors: Baja teal rubber, black glossy with green, black rubber with black, black rubber with red, black rubber with gray, carbon rubber with green, gold metallic, pink glossy, purple glossy, rasta yellow rubber, royal blue rubber, silver metallic, red rubber, white rubber, yellow, rubber

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

PROTEC Original Classic Helmet

If you want the skater look but are more concerned about safety ratings, hoverboard helmets from PROTEC Original are a great choice. Made with a high impact ABS shell and an EPS foam liner, this helmet is CPSC certified for hoverboards, skateboarding, cycling. and other action sports.

The design features 11 vent openings to help keep your head cool and comfortable interior padding. The 14 color options also give you a lot of flexibility, and the glow in the dark version adds extra safety if you ride at night. This helmet is a great option for beginners and riders who want a helmet they can use for multiple sports.

Available colors: black, white, gray, green, blue, black and red, red, white and red, pink, black and orange, glow in the dark, hosoi, yellow, gloss black

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Triple Eight Certified Helmet

If you’re brand loyal to Triple Eight and also want a safety certified helmet, this is a great option. With three safety cerificates, this helmet can be worn for riding your glideboard, cycling, and skateboarding.

Stay cool during summer thanks to the strategically place vents. They do offer fewer color options in this model than the non-certified helmet, but the 11 colors they do offer give you a good choice for something to match your self-balancing scooter.

Available colors: all black rubber, black gloss, blue rubber, GUTI blue, gold flake, gun rubber, kelly green rubber, pink metallic, purple glossy, Switzer orange, white rubber

Sizes:X-Small/Small, Small/Medium, Large/X-Large

Outdoor Master Bike and Skate Helmet

If you’re looking for a budget option (meaning a cheap hoverboard helmet), this helmet from Critical Cycles features all of the safety ratings at a more affordable price. With US CPSC safety standard certification, your head will be protected for simple riding and commuting or even if you attempt hoverboard tricks.

The interior padding wicks away sweat and smells keeping you dry and fresh for a full day or riding. With the lower price comes fewer color options, but sometimes money and safety are more important than fashion.

Available colors: gray, blue, deep blue, black, lemon, orange, pink, red, sea green, white, mint green

Sizes: small, medium, large

While you’re shopping for your helmet, don’t forget to pick up other hoverboard safety gear like pads and safety lights. Check out these must have hoverboard accessories. Turn your hoverboard into a Go Kart with add ons.