5 Best Blue Hoverboards for 2020

When you shop for a new hoverboard, there are tons of things to consider. Of course, you want safety, good speed, long ride times, and also the coolest features as the best price. But looks also matter. You may want a cool looking hoverboard or just one in your favorite color. I understand that, especially since my favorite color is blue. I love getting everything in blue, and if you share my affinity for the color you’re probably looking for blue hoverboards. We’ve scoured all the current hoverboard models to find the best blue hoverboards available. But we looked past the color at all the features and prices to find the best ones available. Check out the comparison chart below and the full reviews in the next section.

Blue Hoverboards Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for blue hoverboards. If you want to read our in-depth review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

NamePhotoRatingWheel SizeFeaturesBuy
Swagtron T1
4 Star Rating6.5 inchLED headlights, 12 mile distance, 1 year warranty
Vecaro GLIDE
3.5 Star Rating6.5 inchLED headlights, 2 hour ride time, Samsung battery
SAVA Smart-K2
No Ratings YetNo Ratings Yet5.5 inchLED headlights, max speed 8 mph, kid sized
Hoverheart Flash Wheel
4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchLED lights, Wheel Lights, Bluetooth Speakers
Hoverzon S
3.5 Star Rating6.5 inchLED lights, max speed 8 mph, 2 ride modes

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Best Blue Hoverboards

Swagtron T1 Hoverboard

If safety is your first concern when it comes to hoverboards, then any of the models from Swagtron are an excellent choice. Their T1 model was the first hoverboard to meet the new strict certification standards in 2016 and it’s a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a safe ride. Plus, it comes in blue! The safety features include a Sentry Shield battery with UL 2272 certification that will not over heat or catch fire. It also has Safe Stop technology, so if you suddenly lose power while riding it, your hoverboard will glide to a safe stop. The LED headlights will keep you visible in low light conditions.

The Swagtron T1 is a great entry level model for anyone interested in a hoverboard. It has two riding modes: a training mode and a regular mode. Plus the 6.5″ wheel side is great for kids, teens, and adults, so everyone in the family can ride it.

Available colors: black, blue, garnet, yellow, pink, white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 8 mph

Max Distance: 12 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 certification, LED headlights, 2 riding modes, 300 watt dual electric scooter motor, lithium ion battery, 2-3 hour charge time, LED headlights, rubber bumpers, Sentry Shield battery protection, max weight 220 lbs., 1 year warranty

Vecaro GLIDE

If matte blue isn’t your style, Vecaro GLIDE comes as a matte or metallic blue hoverboard (pictured). The GLIDE is a great basic hoverboard model that has all the features you need. With a UL 2272 certified Samsung battery, thise hoverboard is safe from overheating, plus it has a five level battery indicator so you always know how much power is left. With LED headlights and two riding modes, this is great for riders of any age or size (up to 223 lbs).

If you need more features, the Glide-X model comes in the same matte and metallic blue color options, along with Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while you ride. It also syncs with the smartphone app that allows you to control your hoverboard while you ride. Click on the button below to see pricing for both the GLIDE and the GLIDE-X.

Available colors: black, blue, red, white, metallic gold, metallic blue, metallic light gold, metallic red, metallic silver

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Distance: 11 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 Certification, LED headlights, battery indicators, 2 riding modes, Samsung ion battery, max weight: 220 lbs., 90 min charging time, up to 2 hour ride time

SAVA Smart-KR Blue Hoverboards for Kids

Want the best blue hoverboards for kids? Check this out. Save makes a kid sized “mini-board” called the Smart-K2. This child-sized hoverboard has 5.5″ wheels, making it easier for kids to ride and maneuver. With a max speed of 8 mph, it’s also safer for kids to ride without going too fast.

If you’re concerned about safety, the Smart-KR has all the required certifications and it has built-in LED headlights for enhanced visibility. If you have any problems with the hoverboard, it has a 1 year warranty. Make sure your kid has proper safety gear and they’ll be set for tons of fun riding their new hoverboard.

Available colors: blue, red

Wheel Size: 5.5″ wheels

Max Speed: 8 mph

Max Distance: 15 miles

Notable features: UL Certified 2272, LED lights, Sentry Shield Battery Technology, 2-3 hour charge time, 1 year warranty

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Hoverheart Flash Wheel Hoverboard

I love the Flash Wheel model from hoverheart. Great if you’re looking for blue hoverboards, or a nice turquoise (pictured). There’s a bunch of bright, beautiful colors in a fun design. Flashy is a great way to describe this hoverboard. It features the standard LED safety lights, as well as flashing lights on the top of the wheel bumpers, and lights on the wheel. This is a hoverboard that is meant to be seen.

In addition to the fun colors and lights, the Flash Wheel also has Bluetooth speakers to play music while you ride. The 6.5″ wheel size is perfect for kids, teens, or adults. Teens will love how cool they look riding this flashy hoverboard.

Available colors: black, blue, chrome gold, pink, red, white, chrome pink, chrome rosegold, chrome violet

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, max weight: 220 lbs., Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, wheel lights, bumper lights

Hoverzon S Hoverboard

Hoverzon has been a big brand since they were intoduced to the market, and they offer some awesome blue hoverboards. Their S model is a nice base model that has the features you need at a reasonable price. This self balancing electric scooter is UL 2272 certified with battery indicators so you always know how much of a charge you have. The LED headlights keep you visible even if you’re riding in low light conditions.

The sturdy rubber tires and aluminum wheels are manufactured to hold riders between 44 lbs. and 220 lbs. With the 6.5″ wheels, this hoverboard is perfectly sized for everyone in the family. Get the blue model and you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Available colors: blue, garnet, white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 8 mph

Max Distance: 11 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, LED lights, battery indicator, rubber bumpers, aluminum wheels, 2 ride modes, min Weight 44 lbs, max Weight 220lbs, protective battery management system

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