Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids
Hoverboards are extremely popular among kids and teenagers and while hoverboards are now much safer thanks to the required UL Certifications, there’s still a bit of risk that comes with riding them. Now, this risk is about the same as riding a bike, skateboarding, or roller skating. Accidents can happen, but wearing proper protective gear will help keep your kid safe and injury-free in most scenarios.

In this article, we break down all the hoverboard safety gear for kids that will help prevent injury. All of these items are essential if you’re buying a hoverboard for your child.

Essentail Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Hoverboard Helmets

If you only buy one piece of safety gear for your kid, we recommend a helmet. Head injuries can be fatal and while they may seem less likely when your child is riding a hoverboard, they could still fall off and hit their head. A helmet will help protect them from concussion, breaking their skull, or receiving any cuts to their scalp.

Just imagine your child losing their balance and their head making contact with the concrete–it’s much safer with the buffer of a high-quality sports helmet. Generally, when shopping for hoverboard helmets for kids, you want to look for multi-sport helmets designed for a combination of sports like rollerblading and skateboarding. You also want to check the safety ratings for the helmet. Click the button below to see all of our helmet recommendations for children.

Hoverboard Protective Pads

Okay, now that we’ve sold you on the helmet, we have another recommendation for your kid. Imagine them falling, but this time they land on their elbows or their knees. While these injuries are usually less severe, torn clothes and scraped skin are not a pleasant matter. Usually, a set of pads designed for skateboarding or rollerblading will work perfectly for riding a hoverboard. These are sets that include knee pads, elbow pads, and sometimes wristguards as well. A set of six pads is usually very affordable–you can usually find something in the $10-$25 range–and really essential for younger kids and children just learning how to ride a hoverboard.

If you want a quick recommendation, we like the protective pads set from Adicop. Affordable and attractive, this set of 6 comes with kid-sized elbow and knee pads, plus wrist guards. These will help prevent bumps, scrapes, and bruises from riding a hoverboard. They have three colors: black and red, orange and white, plus pink.

Hoverboard Safety Lights

If your child ever rides their hoverboard in low light conditions or on neighborhood streets, then safety lights should be an essential part of their hoverboarding outfit. While many hoverboards have LED lights built into them, that may not be enough to keep your child visible when they’re riding in the evening or at night. Since the hoverboards are so low to the ground, drivers may not see them. So other safety lights or reflective gear is essential to keep your child visible and safe.

We have an entire article about safety lights and reflectors for hoverboard riding, but if I had to recommend only one visibility product for kids, it would be the rechargeable LED light belt.

Learn more about hoverboard safety and safe riding and also check out hoverboard helmets for adults.

FAQ About Hoverboard Safety Gear for Kids

Is it safe for children to ride hoverboards?

Hoverboard Safety Gear for ChildrenThanks to the new UL Certification rules in the US and Canada, hoverboard are much safer than previous models whose batteries would catch on fire. With those safety concerns out of the way, riding a hoverboard is as safe as riding a skateboard. While it’s generally safe, there is a chance of injury, which is why we recommend hoverboard safety gear for all children.

We also recommend your child only ride their hoverboard on your driveway, in the park, or on sidewalks. They should not ride their 2 wheel balancing scooter in the street, especially in areas with traffic. Also, make sure you check local laws because riding hoverboards may be banned in specific locations or cities and could result in a ticket or fine.

Do I need to buy a special hoverboard for a child?

While hoverboards aren’t marketed toward specific ages, they do come in different sizes that are easier to ride depending on how big the rider is. For most children, we recommend a hoverboard with a 6.5″ wheel size–the smallest on the market currently. The smaller size is easier to maneuver and weighs less, so your kid will have an easier time carrying it. Older kids and teens may be more comfortable on an 8″ hoverboard. Check out some of our recommendations for the best hoverboards for kids.

Segway miniPro Self-Balancing Personal Transporter

The 4 Best Hoverboard Brands of 2024

The Best Hoverboard Brands

While hoverboards are incredibly trendy and very common among young adults and outdoors enthusiasts, there are still concerns about safety. Thanks to the hoverboard safety regulations put in place in 2016, all hoverboards sold in the US meet minimum safety standards that prevent them from overheating and catching on fire. Still, there are a lot of unknown Chinese brands on the market that sell hoverboards of a lower quality. This article focuses on the best hoverboard brands. These hoverboards are not only safe but made of high-quality components that guarantee you will purchase a sturdy and long-lasting hoverboard. Check out our recommendations below.

These brands are presented in no particular order and would we recommend purchasing a hoverboard from any of them based on your personal preferences for pricing and features. If you need help deciding, check out our hoverboard comparison chart.

The Best Hoverboard Brands

Segway Ninebot Hoverboards

Segway, the long trusted maker of personal transport devices, was one of the first hoverboard manufacturers to get the new UL 2272 safety certifications. And it may not surprise you that the manufacturer of the Segway is one of the best hoverboard brands. They only offer two models (the Segway Ninebot S and the Minilite), but their track record speaks for itself and their 2 wheel self balancing personal transporter is one of the highest reviewed models on Amazon.

Their higher price point is more targeted towards urban commuters and business professionals, but it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a personal transporter to get them around. If you’re looking for a hoverboard for casual riding or doing tricks, I would consider one of the other recommended brands.

Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard

Razor is another brand that started making regular scooters and has since expanded to include hoverboards in their range of products. Razor started with their Hovertrax 1.0 and recently added an upgraded Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard. Both models meet all safety requirements and have positive reviews on Amazon. One feature the Hovertrax 2.0 adds that is worth noting is a quick change battery pack, meaning you can spend more time riding without stopping to recharge. That’s great for long commutes or uninterupted ride time in the park.

At a lower price than the Segway Ninebot S, this is a great option for teenagers and college students who will be a little more adventurous with their riding. It is meant for sidewalk and street riding, so if you need something a little more extreme, you should check out the EpikGo brand below.

EPIKGO Hoverboard

EPIKGO has been a big name in off-road hoverboards. They offer four different models, two targeted at off-road riding and 2 for “sport” performance doing tricks and riding on sidewalks and streets. Their all-terrain tires really set them apart from other hoverboard brands, allowing riders to tackle sand, dirt, grass, gravel, or even puddles without issue. They also offer their designs with or without Bluetooth speakers, so you can save some money if that’s not a feature you need. That upgrade also gets you a design with a higher degree of slope (15 vs 30 degrees) and a longer riding range (10 miles versus 12 miles).

EPIKGO’s high-quality hoverboards come with a high price tag that may make casual riders balk, but if you want a reliable hoverboard that can handle “extreme” riding conditions, this is the brand to go with. There’s a reason they advertise their hoverboards as “indestructible” and that quality deserves a higher price.

Swagtron Hoverboards

Swagtron was one of the big names before the hoverboard issues started cropping up in 2015 and they were quick to return when the new safety standards were put in place. It’s no surprise that they’ve firmly established themselves as one of the best hoverboard brands. They’ve since become a major player in electric transporters, selling electric bikes, skateboards, and scooters. Their hoverboards have improved as well, and they currently offer four models at different price points. Their range of features means they have a hoverboard for most rider types, from casual street riders to off-roaders. Their entry level Swagtron T5 offers an affordable price and features that are great for first time riders, teens, and kids (like a training mode).

If you need a rugged hoverboard, their Swagtron T6 is designed as an off-road version with all terrain tires at a lower price than the EPIKGO models. Even if you don’t need a tough hoverboard, the rest of the Swagtron models are perfect for street riding or other personal transportation needs.

Still not sure what hoverboard to get? Check out our hoverboard comparison chart to compare all of the different models. We also have articles reviewing the safest hoverboards for sale and the fastest hoverboards on the market. If you’re looking to save money, check out our recommended cheap hoverboards.

Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

With the hoverboard craze, there’s been an increase in other electric personal transporters available on the market. Electric skateboards and other hoverboard alternatives have become very popular among kids, teens and adults. Electric Unicycles, which have existed since before hoverboards became one of the hottest personal transporters, are enjoyed by casual riders and commuters alike.

If you’re not familiar with electric unicycles, they are similar in many ways to two wheel self-balancing personal transporters like hoverboards. Obviously, by the name, they only have one wheel. On each side there is a footpad that you stand on, straddling the wheel in the middle. Riding an electric unicycle is similar to a Segway, you lean your body to control speed and direction. If you’re interested in learning more about these transporters, including the best electric unicycles available keep reading. Check out our comparison chart and full reviews for each brand.

Electric Unicycle Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for electric unicycles. If you want to read our in-depth review of each model, scroll down to the next section.

Airwheel X3
4 Star Rating9 mphMax weight 260 lbs., 90 min charge time
9bot One A1
4 Star Rating11.5 mphMax weight 220lbs, 9 mile travel range
4 Star Rating31 mphOff road riding, 75 mile range, 18" rubber tires
SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle
3.5 Star Rating9 mphMax weight 264 lbs., Bluetooth speaker, smartphone app, LED lights, 3 hour charge time

Want to compare all of the hoverboards we’ve reviewed? Check out our Hoverboard Comparison Chart.

Best Electric Unicycle

Airwheel X3 Electric Self-Balanced Unicycle

This classic Airwheel model is the perfect entry-level electric unicycle for teens and adults. Built to be easy to ride, the gyroscope system helps the rider maintain balance. The unicycle is easily controlled by leaning forward or backward.

The X3 provides a variety of riding options thanks to the Cheng Shin Tire, a high-quality rubber tire with an anti-skid design and a unique tread pattern to grip the road. You can ride comfortably on wet or dry pavement without worry. It weighs about 20 lbs, so it is portable to use as a part of a city commute. With a max speed of 9 miles per hour, the performance is similar to many hoverboards on the market, making it a great choice for teenagers.

Available colors: white

Max Speed: 9 mph (15km/h)

Max Distance: 11 miles (18km)

Notable features: 14″ rubber tire, aluminum footpads, 90 minute charge time, rider weight limit 265 lbs, battery level indicator lights

9bot One A1

Another affordable option, the 9bot One A1 is priced and sized for teens and adults alike. The design and look are similar to other electric unicycles, with a strong polycarbonate shell on a magnesium alloy structure.

This model, like the lower-priced ones, is meant for urban riding on asphalt and concrete, though it can ride up and down slopes. With a max speed of 11.5 mph and a riding distance of 9 miles on a single charge, the One A1 is a great option for casual riding or commuting in a city or on campus. Parents can set a maximum speed limit in the app to protect younger riders. The minimalist design features a built-in carrying handle, and the footpads fold up to make it extra compact.

Available colors: white

Max Speed: 11.5 mph

Max Distance: 9 miles

Notable features: Max rider weight 220 lbs., smartphone app, 14″ rubber tire, built in carry handle

INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle

If you’re willing to pay a premium, the INMOTION V11 offers amazing features and versatility. Thanks to the sturdy off-road design, you can ride your electric unicycle down the street, across grass, and on uneven surfaces. The 18″ wheel design also features built-in air suspension, to make your bumpy rides smooth. Climb slopes up to 35 degrees so you can ride easily in hilly locations or on hiking trails. The design is also weather resistant so you don’t need to worry about a little rain or riding through small puddles.

If you have a need for speed–or want a quicker commute–you’ll appreciate the max speed of 31 mph. The riding range of 75 miles means you’ll recharge less often. The built-in headlight means you can ride day or night and easily be seen by other riders and drivers. Use the carrying handle to easily transport this electric unicycle when you’re not riding. While the V11 is much more expensive than entry level models, it’s worth the price for off-road riding ability. Make sure to wear proper safety gear especially when riding of road in steep areas.

Available colors: black

Max Speed: 31 mph

Max Distance: 75 miles

Notable features: 35 degree slope, smartphone app, adjustable headlight, break lights, 18″ rubber tire, max rider weight 265 pounds, built in carrying handle, IP55 Weather-resistant, 4 hour charge time

SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle

Swagtron was one of the first companies to get into the hoverboard game, so we’re not surprised that now they offer an awesome electric unicycle. The SwagRoller is a slick personal transporter great for urbanites and college students. It’s a little bit cooler than the Segway and even has a built in Bluetooth speaker if you want to listen to music on the go. The 14″ dual tires give you excellent traction for riding and work on all terrains. For new riders, the Swagroller comes with training wheel accessories to make learning a little easier.

The SwagRoller is super portable and compact. The metal footrests fold in and it also includes a carrying handle so it’s easy to transport it when you aren’t riding. The handle even extends so you can roll the electric unicycle along the ground like a suitcase. With built in LED lights for visibility and safety, the SwagRoller is a great option for teens and college kids. Ride it on sidewalks, in the park, or just around town. This is a great option for anyone interested in an electric unicycle.

Available colors: White

Wheel Size: 14″

Max Speed: 9 mph

Max Distance: 12.4 miles

Notable features: UL2272 certified, max weight 264 lbs., Bluetooth speaker, smartphone app, LED lights, 3 hour charge time, retractable carry handle, IP55 water resistant, gyroscopic balancing technology

Electric Unicycle vs. Hoverboard

A lot of people aren’t sure whether they should buy a hoverboard or an electric unicycle. If you can’t afford both, there are a couple of things you should consider before you make your purchase.

Electric Unicycle Pros

  • Electric unicycles are faster than even the fastest hoverboards. Hoverboards top out at 12 mph, while most electric unicycles can hit speeds around 20 mph and others reach up to 30 mph.
  • Great for off-road riding. While most hoverboards are best to use on sidewalks or streets, electric unicycles can go off-road. They work on dirt, grass, and gravel. They can also go up stairs and over curbs, which is super convenient for a lot of commuters.

Electric Unicycle Cons

  • Electric Unicycles have a bigger learning curve. While it’s not impossible to use, it may take longer to learn how to ride them. If you already have experience with a hoverboard or riding a regular unicycle you may be able to learn it more quickly. Do not expect to just get on your EUC and go like you can with a hoverboard.
  • Price. Usually, electric unicycles are more expensive than hoverboards, especially because there are fewer models available. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider a cheap hoverboard instead.
  • Electric unicycles are heavier than hoverboards, often around 30 lbs. That can make them inconvenient to carry around if you use them to commute or get around campus.

How to Ride an Electric Unicycle

Electric unicycles are a little harder to learn to ride than a hoverboard. It may take some time before you can master it. But just like anything else, if you fall you should get back up and try again.

Here are some tips to help you as you learn to ride your electric unicycle.

How to Ride an Electric Unicycle

  • Try to find a location where you can practice that has a rail or other tall object you can use for stability.
  • Turn your electric unicycle on.
  • Hold onto your rail or stabilizer. Place your outside foot (the one away from the stabilizer) on the footrest while holding the EUC with your outside hand.
  • Holding the rail, jump your other foot up onto the footrest.
  • Use your rail to support yourself as you practice moving the electric unicycle.
  • With your knees slightly bent, lean forward a little to move forward. Keep your hand on the rail in case you lose balance. Lean back to stop. Repeat this until you feel comfortable enough to let go of the rail and ride.
  • To increase speed, lean forward more. To slow down or stop, lean back.
  • To mount the unicycle without the assistance of a rail, you should put one foot on the footrest and hold the handle with the same hand. Push off the ground with your other foot and lean forward at the same time so the unicycle starts moving. It may take some practice to do this without losing your balance.
  • Once you’ve mastered going straight, you can practice turning. To turn an electric unicycle, you need to lean your body in the direction you want to turn. Try gradual turns at first. Usually, if you’ve mastered riding without a rail or support you should be able to turn without losing your balance.

It may take a couple of hours of practice to really feel comfortable on your electric unicycle.

Check out this video that shows you how to ride an electric unicycle:

When you are new to riding your electric unicycle, you will fall. Make sure to wear appropriate safety gear to prevent injuries. Otherwise, just get back up and try, try again!

Fastest Hoverboards

The 5 Fastest Hoverboards of 2024

The Fastest Hoverboards

Hoverboards are a super fun thing to ride outdoors. Some people like to use them to get around campus or commute to work. Other people utilize them to play Pokemon Go. And some people…they just want to go fast. If you’re a speed demon, then this is the article for you. We’ve rounded up the five fastest hoverboards available on the market right now. These are all safety certified and available in the US.

For consumer safety, many hoverboards have capped speeds to prevent them from going too fast, usually around 6-8mph. So while you won’t be traveling at lightning speeds, these hoverboards are the fastest available on the market right now. Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews.

Fastest Hoverboards Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for the fastest hoverboards. If you want to read our in-depth review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

Swagtron T6
4.5 Star Rating12 mphMax distance: 7-12 miles, all terrain design, Bluetooth Speakers, phone app, turn signals, min weight: 44 lbs, max weight: 420 lbs.
Gyroor G-F1
4 Star Rating12 mphMax distance: 10 miles, Bluetooth speakers, carry handle, LED lights
4 Star Rating10 mphMax distance: 10 miles, LED lights & flash wheels
4.5 Star Rating10 mph1 hour ride time, water resistant, ride off road, max weight 265 lbs.

Segway Ninebot S
4.5 Star Rating10 mphMax distance: 14 miles, padded knee bar, max weight: 220 lbs., Bluetooth app, LED safety lights, security alarm

Want to compare all of the hoverboards we’ve reviewed? Check out our Hoverboard Comparison Chart.

Fastest Hoverboards Reviews

Swagtron Outlaw T6

Swagtron has been a big name in the hoverboard scene since the beginning, so it’s no surprise they offer one of the fastest hoverboards on the market. With a top speed of 12 mph, this sturdy off-road hoverboard can go anywhere and let you take your hoverboarding to the extreme. Unlike most glideboards that are good for beginners or casual sidewalk riding, the T6 has heavy duty 10″ tires that can combat mud, grass, gravel, or even riding in the rain.

In addition to fast speeds and off-road riding capability, this hoverboard from Swagtron also has some nice features. Safety features include UL2272 Safety Certification and a Sentry Shield lithium-ion battery and management system that keeps it from overheating. Fun features include the Swagtron iOS & Android app which allows you to check speed, battery life, and track travel distance. Enjoy music while you ride with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Not only is the T6 one of the fastest hoverboards you can buy, but it’s also a great option for a rugged self-balancing scooter for outdoorsy people and advanced riders.

Available colors: black, desert camouflage, pink camouflage

Wheel Size: 10″

Max Speed: 12 mph

Max Distance: 7-12 miles

Notable features: UL2272 Safety Certification, All-terrain design, Solid rubber tires, Built-in Bluetooth speakers, Sentry Shield Battery Protection, Lithium-Ion Battery, Charge time: 2-3 hours, free iOS & Android app, min weight: 44 lbs., max weight: 420 lbs., battery indicator, turning signals, LED lights

Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard

If you’re looking for a hoverboard that’s a little less rugged for riding around on the street and in the park, the Gyroor G-F1 can still deliver top speeds in a more streamlined design. Advertised as a “racing hoverboard” this is one of the fastest hoverboards on the market. It can reach 12 mph and has a travel range of 10 miles. It’s a great option for commuting, zipping across campus, or riding for fun. If you’re concerned about safety, the G-F1 has all the necessary safety certifications and each hoverboard is thoroughly tested for electrical and battery components.

Don’t be fooled by the design, while it looks like a street hoverboard, you can also take it off road thanks to the extra-wide tires. The waterproof design means it’s safe against the elements as well. Gyroor also has its own smartphone app to allow you to update settings, monitor battery life, speed, and change LED light colors–plus you can activate optional racing sound so you really feel like you’re speeding along. Plus the Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy your tunes as you ride. When it’s time to recharge, leave your hoverboard in the garage and take the removable battery pack inside for charging. This also means you can use spare batteries to extend your ride time. The 8.5″ size is great for teens and adults. Other small but useful features are the LED tail lights and a built-in carrying handle.

Available colors: silver, yellow

Wheel Size: 8.5″

Max Speed: 12 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Charging Time: 1.5 – 2 hours

Notable features: UL2272 tested & UL2271 battery certified, portable carry handle, wide “SUV” tires, 700 watt motor, removable battery for charging, waterproof, smartphone app, Bluetooth speaker, customizable LED lights, anti-theft alarm, child riding mode

Hoverstar Flashwheel Hoverboard

If you’re looking for a sporty hoverboard thats fast and unique looking, check out the Hoverstar Flashwheel. This speedy hoverboard reaches up to 10 mph and gives you a riding range of 10 miles on a single charge. Other awesome features include front LED lights, flashwheel lights, a mobile app, and built in Bluetooth speakers. The sleek design is sporty and modern, and the color combinations give you a unique look when you hit the street.

The Hoverstar Flash Wheel is one of the most affordable speedy models that goes fast without breaking the bank. That lower price does mean it’s missing some features, like a mobile app or Bluetooth speakers. But if you’re just looking for a fast hoverboard to get you where you need to go, it’s great for kids, teens, and adults.

Available colors: chrome black, chrome blue, chrome gold, chrome green, chrome pink, chrome purple, chrome silver

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 certified, front LED lights, flashwheel lights, min weight: 44lbs, max weight: 200 lbs., charge time 2-3 hours

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

The next two models aren’t as fast as the above ones, but these hoverboards are still fast and great to consider if you want one with a little extra speed. Epikgo was the first company to release a rugged, all terrain hoverboard and it’s still faster than many of the competitors. With a ride time of 1 hour, you can reach speeds up to 10 mph. The 8.5″ alloy wheels with solid rubber tires are built tough and ready to go off-road through mud, sand, and grass. It’s also water resistant, so a little rain or riding through a puddle won’t damage it. The EPIKGO has all required safety certifications andan LG battery with Itelligent Protection to keep you safe during your ride. In addition to LED headlights, it also features rear blinkers to show when you’re turning.

This is a bigger hoverboard, with a larger footpad than standard hoverboards, so we recommend it for teens and adults. We recommend this hoverboard if you want speed and the ability to go off-road, but don’t need a bunch of unnecessary features. Plus EPIKGO is a US company based in Silicon Valley, so you know you’ll get the customer service you need if there’s a problem.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Available colors: space gray, rose gold, elite silver

Wheel Size: 8.5″

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Rider Weight Range: 44 to 240 lbs.

Charging Time: 2 hours

Notable features: UL2272 Certified, 400W Dual Motors, climbs 18-degree slopes/hills, rides for 1 hour on a single charge, 8.5″ solid rubber tires, IP56 water-resistant, aluminum alloy body frame, front and rear lights, recommended for age 13 and up

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

While it looks different from other hoverboards on the market, it is one of the fastest ones available. Popular among commuters and people with mobility issues, the Segway Ninebot S is easy to ride while also giving you speeds up to 10 mph and a range of 13.7 miles (further than the other hoverboards on this list). What sets this self balance scooter apart from other brands is the padded knee bar. It give you greater control and easier maneuverability, especially for beginner riders. It’s built with urban commuters in mind as the mobile app includes a security alarm in addition to settings to adjust light colors, modify safety features, and remotely command your transporter.

Other features include customizable LED headlights and taillights, a lightweight frame that’s easy to carry, and a built-in telescoping carry handle. If you’re new to self-balancing transporters, the app also has a built-in training module so you can learn to ride quickly. The steering bar can also be removed for easy storage. The Segway brand and technology mean this scooter is safe and high quality. With that comes a higher price, but if you’re looking for speed and distance, this is a great model to consider.

Available colors: black, white

Wheel Size: 10.5″

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Distance: 13.7 miles

Notable features: 1600 watt dual motor engine, padded kneebar for precision steering, can carry up to 220 lbs., aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, Bluetooth mobile app, customizable LED safety lights (taillights and headlights), anti-theft security alarm

Now that you’ve found the fastest hoverboard to get you around, don’t forget to check out some hoverboard safety gear to keep you safe and injury-free while you ride.

If you’re still not sure which model to buy, check out our hoverboard comparison chart to see all the self balancing scooters we have reviewed. You may also want to consider safe hoverboard alternatives.

The Best Pink Hoverboards

5 Best Pink Hoverboards for 2024

If you’re the kind of person who likes to quote Mean Girls and lives by the rule “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” you will love this article. Whether shopping for yourself or for a daughter (or son!) that loves the color pink there are plenty of high quality and safe hoverboards available. These glideboards have all the features you’re looking for in a personal transporter, plus they come in various shades of pink. If you ever wanted the hoverboard from Back to the Future II, these pink hoverboards are a great option (even if they don’t fly). Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews.

Pink Hoverboards Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for pink hoverboards. If you want to read our in-depth review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

NamePhotoRatingWheel SizeFeaturesBuy
4.5 Star Rating6.5inMax speed: 6 mph, distances: 6 miles, LED lights, Bluetooth speakers

Swagtron T6
4.5 Star Rating10in Max speed: 12 mph, distance: 7-12 miles, all terrain design, Bluetooth Speakers, phone app, turn signals, min weight: 44 lbs, max weight: 420 lbs.

4.5 Star Rating6.5inLED Headlights Wheel Lights, Bumper Lights, Max Weight: 220lbs

Razor Hovertrax Prizma
5 Star Rating6.5inMax speed: 9 mph, LED lights, 40 min ride time, max weight 220 lbs.

4.5 Star Rating6.5inMax speed: 6 mph, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights

Want to compare all of the hoverboards we’ve reviewed? Check out our Hoverboard Comparison Chart.

5 Best Pink Hoverboards Reviews

Hover-1 Chrome Pink Hoverboard

This is a great budget option if you’re looking for a cheap hoverboard with a shiny rose gold or even traditional pink color! This hoverboard from XPRIT is a basic model with a few cool extras. The certified battery allows for speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour and riding 6 miles on a single charge. It does require about 2 to 3 hours to recharge, but it works great for casual riding and doing tricks in the park.

If you want to ride in style, it has LED wheel lights that flash in a variety of colors and rim lights for ultimate visibility. Make your ride time even more fun with the built-in speakers. You can enjoy your favorite music while hanging with friends. Weighing only 26 lbs. it’s easy to take your hoverboard with you anywhere. With a compact size and an affordable price, this is a great pink hoverboard for teens or adults (the manufacturer recommends riders should be 12 years of age or older).

Available colors: rose gold, pink, black, blue

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 6 miles

Notable features: UL2272 safety certified, Bluetooth wireless speakers, solid rubber tires, LED wheel lights, charge time 2-3 hours

Swagtron T6 Off-Road Pink Camo Hoverboard

Though pink is often considered a “girly” color, you aren’t limited to a wimpy hoverboard. In fact, this heavy duty off-road Swagtron hoverboard not only comes in pink–it’s camo pink! This model from Swagtron is for serious riders. The heavy duty design is meant to ride on all terrains over mud, grass, and gravel at inclines of up to 30 degrees. It’s also one of the fastest hoverboards on the market, able to reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Biggers guy and gals can also enjoy the freedom and fun of a hoverboard, as the T6 can support riders up to 420 lbs. That makes this hoverboard great to use a personal transporter for people with mobility issues.

In addition to the LED lights found standard on most hoverboards, this pink hoverboard also features turning signals. Other awesome features include built-in Bluetooth speakers and a smartphone app to play music, monitor speed, battery life, and travel distance. Because of the wheel size and the rugged design, we recommend this model for teens and adults. It’s great for outdoor lovers who enjoy adventuring, getting dirty, and taking everything to the max.

Available colors: black, desert camouflage, pink camouflage

Wheel Size: 10″

Max Speed: 12 mph

Max Distance: 7-12 miles

Notable features: UL2272 Safety Certification, All-terrain design, Solid rubber tires, Built-in Bluetooth speakers, Sentry Shield Battery Protection, Lithium Ion Battery, Charge time: 2-3 hours, free IOS & Android app, min weight: 44 lbs., max weight: 420 lbs., battery indicator, turning signals, LED lights

Cho 6.5″ Pink Hoverboard

If you want a pink hoverboard with a unique design, check this out! Cho’s hoverboard features a sleek design with a convenient handle for easy carrying. You also have the choice of a plain pink color or a cool pink print design great for kids. With LED front lights, wheel lights, and bumper lights, this is a hoverboard that is meant to be seen! And with the Bluetooth speakers, you can be heard as well when you play your favorite tunes.

The no-slip foot pads make it easy to ride. The 6.5″ wheels are perfectly sized for kids, teens, and adults. Cho’s pink hoverboard is a great option for an affordable, entry-level hoverboard.

Available colors: Blue print, red print, pink print, pink

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Rider Weight Range: up to 250 lbs

Notable features: UL2272 certification, UL2272 certification, LED headlights and wheel lights, carrying handle, Bluetooth speakers

Razor Hovertrax Prizma Pink Hoverboard

The latest hoverboard offering from Razor is even cooler because it comes in pink! This hoverboard is slick with an hourglass design and the Razor logo flowing in LED lights on the wheels. The headlights give you extra visibility while cruising down the street.

Great for kids and new riders, the Prizma has two riding modes: normal and training. In training mode, you can learn how to ride at your own pace. Once you’re comfortable, you can really let loose and ride with speeds up to 9 mph. This model is great for kids and teens, though I wouldn’t recommend it for adults who are looking for a hoverboard for their commute.

Available colors: black, pink, blue

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 9 mph

Max Distance: 40 minute run time

Rider Weight Range: Max weight 220 lbs

Charging Time: 4 hours

Notable features: UL2272 certification, continuous run time 40 minutes, Everbalance technology, 2 riding modes, LED light displays, LED battery power indicator

Sisigad 6.5″ Pink Hoverboard

If you just want a classic pink hoverboard at an affordable price, then consider this model from Sisigad. The two-tone pink and gray is girly without being overwhelmingly pink. It has all the lights you could need: wheel lights, bumper lights, and headlights. This model also features turn signals so other riders can tell where you’re going. Use the Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite songs while you ride.

With 6.5″ wheels and a max speed of 6 mph, this model is great for kids who are begging for a pink hoverboard to ride around the neighborhood. If pink isn’t your color, (why are you reading this article?) this hoverboard comes in six other color options.

Available colors: Black/gray, blue/gray, green/gray, orange/gray, pink/gray, white/gray, yellow/gray

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 30-40 minutes

Rider Weight Range: 40 – 220 lbs

Charging Time: 3-5 hours

Notable features: UL2272 certification, LED headlights, wheel lights, bumper lights, turn signals, Bluetooth speakers, 10 degree climb

Did you find the pink hoverboard of your dreams? Don’t forget to get some hoverboard safety gear and hoverboard accessories to enhance your ride.

Want to explore more color options? Check out black hoverboards with bluetooth speakers.

Joansam LED Sneakers Hoverboard Shoes

Hoverboard Shoes – LED Light Up Sneakers

Hoverboard Shoes - LED Light Up Sneakers

So you’re interested in the latest fashion trend among hoverboard riders? Just saying the name hoverboard shoes sounds cool and these LED sneakers look awesome on your feet. No, they don’t hover off the ground (wouldn’t that be amazing?!), but these light up sneakers look slick whether you’re riding your 2 wheel electric scooter in the park or heading to your next class.

This trend started with a pair of $500 hoverboard shoes called Simulation by designers Yifang Wan and Samuel Yang. They were plain white sneakers featuring a row of LED lights around the sole of the shoes. What makes these unique from the light up sneakers you remember from your childhood is that instead of flashing when you take a step, these lights are programmable. They can appear in several colors and different flashing combinations. Plus, you can turn them off when you don’t want to draw attention–like while shopping at a grocery store.

While they’re called hoverboard shoes, they’re not unique to hoverboarders. Anyone can wear these fun and trendy shoes, especially since there’s plenty of options available on the market and the price has dropped to a more reasonable level. They are especially popular with dancers and entertainers because they look amazing with the right choreography. Runners also enjoy the visibility these shoes give during their morning or evening jog. And, of course, they’re a great option for hoverboarders who want to look cool while riding or add some additional safety lights to their hoverboard. Whatever your interest in hoverboard shoes, we’ve rounded up the best hoverboard shoes available to consumers. We took into account price, customer response, and features to help you find the perfect pair of kicks.

Best Hoverboard Shoes

Odema High Top LED Hoverboard Shoes

Odema High Top LED Hoverboard ShoesIf you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that mimic the minimalist style of the original Simulation hoverboard shoes as an affordable price, then the Odema LED shoes are right for you. Made from PU leather (that feels very real at a fraction of the price), these high top sneakers feature LED lights along the sole that feature seven different light colors. You can program it to glow steady in your favorite color, switch between colors, or shut the lights off. This is controlled easily by a hidden switch inside the shoe.

The lights are powered by a USB rechargeable cable (included). The charging port is inside the shoe, hidden from view. It takes about 3 hours to charge the shoes fully using the 2 cable charging cord that recharges both simultaneously. The no slip sole makes these shoes great for dancers or for riding your balance board. Reviewers say these shoes are comfortable and look great, though some reviewers have had technical issues where the lights stop working after a few days. Odema offers a great replacement policy if you do have issues with your new hoverboard shoes.

Sneaker colors: black, white, gold, red, silver (men’s sizes in black and white only)

Light colors: red, green, blue, yellow, sky blue, purple, white

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CIOR LED Light Up Shoes

CIOR LED Light Up Shoes If high tops aren’t your style, then no worries. Thes CIOR hoverboard shoes are available in a classic sneaker design. Made from PU leather and rubber soles, there are 7 colors options to choose from to match your wardrobe–or your hoverboard. Using the hidden switch you can change the LED light colors in addition to switching the lights on or off or selecting the random color mode. (Check out the Amazon reviews to see customer pictures and videos of the shoes in action.)

The shoes take 3 hours to charge with the included USB cable and provide 8-10 hours of light. The manufacturer does warn that these shoes are not meant for runners or any other high impact activities, but they work perfectly for casual wear and riding a hoverboard. These sneakers are available in kids sizes and also men and women’s sizes on the same listing, so you can get these cool kicks for the whole family.

Sneaker colors: black, white, silver, pink, pink/silver, red, gold

Light colors: green, blue, yellow, light blue, red, purple

MOHEM ShinyNight High Top LED Light Shoes

MOHEM ShinyNight High Top LED Light ShoesSome buyers find the button operation of other lightup sneakers to be cumbersome and annoying. These hoverboard shoes from Mohem fix that problem by including a wireless remote. The remote gives you options to change the colors (16 static colors and 4 dynamic changing color modes) as well as increase or decrease brightness, change the color effects (flash, strobe, fade, smooth), and turn the LED lights on or off. This sneakers are made with PU leather and feature a comfortable rubber sole. Inside it’s outfitted with a USB charging port (cable included) and a control switch that you can use if you don’t have the remote on hand.

The 3 hour charge time gives you 8-11 hours of lighting, enough to get you through a day. These shoes look great for a night of clubbing or an evening of skateboarding and hoverboarding in the park. Mohem offers sizes for kids, men, and women in the same listing, so don’t forget to pick up a pair for everyone on your shopping list.

Sneaker colors: blue, white, black, pink, shining black, shining pink, shining gold, shining blue

Light colors: red, green, blue, white, purple, pink, orange, yellow, plus other shades

Joansam LED Sneakers

If you’re looking for a different, more unique design to your hoverboard shoes, check out the LED light shoes from Joansam. Made with a breatheable cotton-blend upper, these shoes are super comfortable and feature 360 degrees of LED lights in the rubber sole. The seven LED light color options are controlled by a switch inside the shoe and can be displayed in a steady mode or in a light-changing mode cycling through each color.

All of the Joansam light up shoes features cool two-toned patterns that look great with the lights. Charge them easily with the included USB charging cable. These shoes come in unisex sizing and designs for men and women. They do not offer kids sizing, buy older kids and teens will be able to find a size that works for them.

Sneaker colors: black/white, black/gray, blue, green, red, white, camo blue, camo brown, pink

Light colors: red, green, blue, yellow, sky blue, purple, white

Sabe Splatter LED Hoverboard Shoes

Sabe Splatter LED Hoverboard ShoesIf you’re looking for a trendy design to go with your LED light sneakers, check these out. Sabe’s hoverboard shoes come in one design, a hip paint splatter print on the PU leather shoe. The rubber soles include the bright LED lights that can glow in 7 different colors or a rotating design.

These light up sneakers utilize a USB charging cable to recharge the lights. It takes 3 hours to fully charge and provide 10 hours of light. This sneaker is available in unisex sizes that fit both men and women. Note that these shoes run on the small size, so you should order 0.5-1 sizes larger than your usual size.

Light colors: white, purple, yellow, blue, green, light blue, red

LED Reflective Belt Safety Lights

Hoverboard Safety Lights & Visibility Gear

An important part of safe hoverboard riding is making sure you’re visible if you’re riding in areas where cars and cyclists are riding. This is especially important at night or during early morning and late evening hours when light and visibility are reduced. Luckily there are tons of hoverboard safety lights and other gear available to help keep you visible and safe.

Almost any type of safety lights for skaters, cyclists, and other outdoor “riders” will work well for hoverboard safety. Even if your personal transporter has lights built-in, those are at ground level and may not be easily visible especially to drivers in cars. We’ll highlight several different options for hoverboard safety lights that you should consider. You won’t need every type, but these lights are affordable so you should buy as many as you need to ensure you’re visible.

These recommendations are geared towards kids, teens, and adults. Even if you don’t usually ride your hoverboard or glideboard at night, it’s good to increase your visibility in case of overcast skies or foggy weather. A little bit of caution could save your life.

Hoverboard Safety Lights

Flashing LED Shoe Lights for Hoverboard Riding

Flashing LED Shoe Lights for Hoverboard RidingIf your hoverboard doesn’t have LED safety lights built-in, you can increase your visibility by buying hoverboard shoes (sneakers will LED lights along the sole) or you can convert your favorite pair of shoes with a pair of these shoe lights. These flashing LED lights were designed for runners, but work perfectly when you’re riding a 2 wheel self-balancing electric scooter. These easy to use lights clip onto the back of your sneakers and the battery-powered LEDs flight to give you better visibility. There are four light modes to choose from: solid, flashing, sensor mode (flashes if any motion is detected), and SOS flash mode.

These lights are powered by an easy to replace watch battery that lasts for approximately 70-90 hours of use. You can also clip these to the front of your sneaker or wear them around your forearms, giving you flexible safety light options depending on where you’re riding.

Available colors: black with multi-colored lights, black with red lights, white with multi-colored lights, white with red light

Clip On LED Safety Lights

If you want safety lights but also crave flexibility for how and where you wear them, these clip on LED lights are a great option for when you’re riding a self-balancing personal transporter. Sold in packs of three, these battery-powered lights clip easily to clothing, shoes, or backpacks. They can also be worn with the included adjustable velcro straps which allow you to wear them as an armband.

These lights have three settings: steady, fast strobe, and slow flash. You can choose which mode works best for the visibility you need. The batteries last for about 100 hours and are easy to replace. Each set comes with 2 additional batteries and a mini screwdriver to open the battery panel. We would recommend these for anyone who is very outdoorsy. If you run, cycle, rollerblade, or even walk your dog, you’ll find countless uses for these LED lights.

Available colors: red, blue, green, white

LED Reflective Belt Safety Lights

LED Reflective Belt Hoverboard Safety Lights If you’re hoverboard already has built-in safety lights and you’re looking for one additional light to make you more visible when riding in low light conditions, we recommend this LED belt. This is another item made for runners and cyclists that translates perfectly to hoverboard riders. This adjustable belt comfortably attaches around your waist and works in two ways. The material is reflective, but also has a built-in rechargeable battery that illuminates LED lights throughout the length of the belt. This belt assures you’re completely visible when riding your electric balance board, no matter the lighting conditions.

The battery charges in 2 hours and then lasts for 10 hours–this is a great option if you don’t want to deal with changing out watch batteries. Each belt has three light modes: blinking, fast blinking, and steady.

Available colors: blue, green

LED Slap Band Glow Bracelet

LED Slap Band Glow BraceletIf you don’t like the LED belt, a slap band is a great alternative safety light. These nylon bands easily slap on to your arm or leg and glow thanks to the battery powered LED lights. Because they’re slap on, sizing is easy and this bracelets will fit adults and kids equally well. The band lights up all the way around providing 360 degrees of glow. This LED safety light only has two modes: steady and flashing.

The coin battery is easily replaced, and the item comes with a spare battery. With plenty of color options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your hoverboard. This is a great, flexible visibility light options.

Available colors: pink, blue, red, orange, green, yellow

Once you’ve decided on the perfect hoverboard, don’t forget to pick-up these must have hoverboard accessories and essential hoverboard safety gear. Turn your hoverboard into a Go Kart with add ons.

5 Best Electric Skateboards 2024

Best Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are all the rage these days and they’re an excellent alternative to hoverboards for both children and adults. Electric skateboards or “boosted boards” or “boosted skateboards” come in several different varieties, ranging from skateboards that don’t look like they’re powered until you look closely, to skateboards that look super futuristic.

Best Electric Skateboards

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard

If your teen has been begging for an electric skateboard or you’re looking for an affordable, budget-priced option, the NG-3 is a great starter board. As one of the best-known hoverboard brands, Swagtron is well known for its electric rides, it’s no surprise they offer a great electric skateboard for kids and teens. This compact board features a strong but lightweight polypropylene board sized perfectly for young riders. Clocking in under 8 lbs of weight, it’s easy for kids and teens to carry.

Full-sized adults will find this board is not for them. The compact size only supports riders up to 150 lbs. Leave this one for the youths.

The way this electric skateboard works is it uses “kick to cruise”, which locks in with your current speeds up to 9 mph, letting you easily set the pace. It also has built-in sensors that detect the rider’s weight, automatically stopping the board if the rider hops off. Riding this board is intuitive–it’s like your natural moves have extra power behind them. Perfect for practicing tricks around the skatepark or cruising around campus, this is a fantastic entry-level board.

Board Size: 9″ by 20″ deck, 72mm wheels

Max Speed: 9..3 mph

Max Distance: 4-6 miles

Rider Weight Range: 44 lb. to 150 lbs.

Charging Time: 1.5 hours

Notable features: Weighs 7.7 lbs., Move More technology (kick to cruise), smart sensors, auto-stop,

Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for an electric skateboard for commuting or zipping around campus, this longboard from TeamFee is a great option. Featuring a drop-through deck, the H5 is 15-20mm lower to the ground than most electric skateboards. Hills are no longer the foe of your commute, as this board can easily handle gentle slopes and hills with up to 20-degree climbs.

This board is great for new riders and skateboarding pros. Beginners can use cruising speed (11 mph) and then work up to fast mode (22 mph) to really zip around. One of the downsides of this board is it does require using a remote when you ride. The remote has an LCD screen to control speed, brakes, and direction (forward or backward).

In addition to charging in under 2 hours, this model also features regenerative charging. This is a concept often seen in hybrid cars. When you’re going downhill, it recharges the battery on the go, giving you more ride time.

The TeamGee H5 is a great option for students and adults looking for a fast way to get around with a little bit of an electric boost.

Board Size: 8.46 in by 40 in deck

Max Speed: 22 mph

Max Distance: 11 miles

Rider Weight Range: up to 220 lbs

Charging Time: 2 hours

Notable features: Ul certification E503354, wireless controller (speed and direction), 20 degree hill climb, downhill regenrative battery

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Razor has dominated the market for hoverboards and electric scooters, so it’s no surprise that their RazorX Cruiser is one of the best electric skateboards. This kick-to-start electric skateboard is controlled using a wireless hand-held remote. You can reach cruising speeds of up to 10 mph for plenty of fun riding in your neighborhood or on campus. The speed is easily adjusted with a joystick on the controller, allowing for as much speed as you need as you ride.

The RazorX Cruise lacks the speed and range of more expensive boards targeted toward adults. This is a good entry-level board for younger riders. While this board is marketed towards kids and teens, it can be ridden by adults under 220 lbs. It will not work for long commutes or go fast enough for street riding in urban areas. Recommended for ages 9 and older.

Board Size: 29.7 in long deck, 80mm wheels

Max Speed: 10 mph

Max Ride Time: 40 minutes, 6.5 miles

Rider Weight Range: up to 220 lbs

Notable features: 125 watt motor, wireless remote

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

If you’re a commuter that has a need for speed, you may want to shell out the money for the Boosted Mini X. This board may be small, but it really packs a punch. The 1000 watt motor gives you rides with speeds up to 20 mph for 14 miles of riding distance. The composite deck has a unique Deep Dish concave shape so your feet “lock-in” giving you maximum control as you maneuver life’s surprises. Urban commuters can easily combine this board with other types of transportation as the smaller size stows easily on a bus or train.

No matter your experience level, you can easily learn to ride the Mini X. It comes with three riding modes from Beginner to Pro. Control your board with the ergonomic remote. It fits so perfectly in your hand that it becomes an extension of your body as you control speed and braking with ease. The regenerative braking helps charge your board while you’re riding.

Board Size: 11″ wide by 29.5″ long deck, 80 mm wheels

Max Speed: 20 mph

Max Distance: 14 miles

Rider Weight Range: up to 250 lbs.

Notable features: 20% degree climb, composite deck, smartphone app (iOS and Android), wireless remote, regenerative braking, 3 ride modes, 16 lb. weight

SKATEBOLT Tornado Electric Skateboard

If you want to go fast, then this is the fastest hoverboard on our list. The Skatebolt Tornado brings the power and the speed, with the 500w motor topping out at 25 mph. If you want a casual ride, “normal mode” tops out at 13.75 mph. It also offers an incredible range of 15 to 20 miles, making it perfect for commuting or just zipping around campus between classes. Combine it with a public transportation commute to get even further. The longboard is made of northeast maple which comfortably supports riders up to 280 lbs., making it a great choice for most adults.

Like most electric skateboards, this model comes with a wireless remote to let you control speed, braking, and direction. It also controls the tail lights for increased visibility. While the Tornado is more expensive than some competitors, it offers great value in its speed and battery life that is worth the surcharge.

Board Size: 9.4″ wide by 38″ long, 90mm wheels

Max Speed: 25 mph

Max Distance: 15-20 miles

Rider Weight Range: up to 280 lbs.

Charging Time:

Notable features: 25 degree climb, wireless remote, 500w motor, taillights, 6 month warranty

As with regular skateboards, hoverboards and other mobility devices we recommend wearing appropriate safety gear. Check out our list of children’s helmets and adult helmets.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Child Helmet with Masks

Children’s Helmets for Safe Hoverboard Riding

Children's Helmets for Safe Hoverboard Riding

Safety is key when it comes to letting your child ride a hoverboard. They are as safe as riding a skateboard, which means that using personal protective gear is a good idea. But there are two challenges to getting the appropriate safety gear for your children. The first is finding the right gear that meets safety standards. The second is actually getting your child to wear the gear! Luckily when it comes to children’s helmets there are plenty of stylish, fun, and safe options for your kid.

When we compiled this list we took into account proper safety ratings and also finding fun options for children. When kids are given safety gear that matches their interests and looks cool, they’re more likely to wear it. With that in mind, here are some great children’s helmet options for both boys and girls.

Best Children’s Helmets for Hoverboards

KuYou Kid’s Helmet for Hoverboards

This is a safe and sturdy helmet that comes in sizes for kids, teens, and adults. They aren’t fancy or decorative, but KuYou offers 6 color options to meet most preferences. The multi-sport helmets are designed for use with all types of outdoor gear, including hoverboards, bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.

In addition to meeting all safety specifications, these helmets are designed with 11 vents to keep your head cool. The tough outer ABS shell and soft inner liner help absorb impacts, keeping your child’s head safe if they lose their balance and fall off their two wheel electric scooter. The adjustable straps make sure you get a perfect fit. Check the Amazon listing to see the exact size measurements for each size.

Sizes:X-Small (Children), Small (Children), Medium (Teens), Large (Adults)

Available colors: blue pattern, pink pattern

Notable features: CE certified, Meet CPSC standards, 11 vents, impact resistent, multi-sports helmet

Raskullz Unicorn Hoverboard Helmet

Now if you have a little girl or boy who refuses to ride a helmet because it isn’t cool, this may be one that will change their mind. These Unicorn children’s helmets are so awesome I wish they came in adult sizes. You might think, yeah they’re cute, but are they safe? Raskullz’s mission is to provide safe helmets that kids love to wear and that meet both CPSC and ASTM standards.

In comparison to other fun and character helmets, instead of just being printed, these are actually 3D helmets. The horn, ears, and nose are fully rendered and the mane is made out of soft fake fur. Make your child the envy of the park with this helmet that’s great for biking, skating, and riding hoverboards.

These helmets come in only one size, but three designs. It’s meant for kids age 5+ (50-54 cm).

Available colors: dark pink, pink, purple

Notable features: meets CPSC and ASTM standards, adjustable chin strap, 3D design

Raskullz Dinosaur Helmet

If unicorns aren’t your kid’s thing, they’re sure to love these helmets from Raskullz. They have a full line of dinosaur helmets. These are premium, 3D helmet designs with horns and scales protruding from the helmet’s shell. If your son or daught are obsessed with dinosaurs, they’ll love wearing a helmet of their favorite one. The different styles features triceratops, tyranasaurus rex, and raptors in green and red colors.

If you’re worried about safety while your kid rides their hoverboard, don’t worry because Raskullz has you covered. The cool designs also include an EPS inner shell to absorb any bumps or falls. These helmets also have CPSC and ASTM safety certification. Your child will beg to wear their helmet when it’s this cool.

Sizes: Age 3+, Age 5+

Available styles: T-chopz black, t-rex bones black, radgon red, t-rad rex green, radgon green

Notable features: CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified, cooling vents, adjustable nylon straps, shock absorbing EPS inner shell

Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor, the company that makes the famous scooters and their own line of hoverboards, also makes helmets for kids and adults. These helmets for kids are meant for all kinds of sports and come in five bright and fun colors. If you have an active kid who loves to be outside and ride scooters, skateboards, and bikes, this is the helmet to get.

Meant for children ages 5 to 8, these helmets fit heads between 21.5 and 22.5 inches. (Razor does make multisport helmets for all sizes and ages.) To keep your kid’s noggin safe, the helmets meet CPSC safety standards and have ergonomic padding inside, plus additional padding to adjust the size fit. The shell also features vents to keep your child cool while they play hard.

Available colors: gloss purple, gloss black, satin blue, pink, gloss green

Notable features: Meets CPSC Safety Standards, 17 vents, adjustable chin strap

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Child Helmet with Masks

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I loved as a kid are back in style again! And that means folks with kid-sized heads can wear a TMNT helmet. These children’s helmets come with removable facemasks for each of the turtles, so your kid can be their favorite one (and change it out when they change their mind each week!). If your kid loves Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, they will be begging to wear this helmet and go outside and play.

The different masks attach with velcro to the helmet, so they’re easy to swap out on a whim. The helmet can also be worn without the masks and then it looks like a regular multi-sport helmet. Features top air vents and internal pads for comfort and safety.

Available colors: Green helmet with choice of orange, red, purple, or blue masks

Notable features: Interchangable TMNT mask, internal pads, air vents on top.

Don’t forget to get more safety gear for your kids. And if you plan on doing any hoverboarding, check out adult hoverboard helmets.

Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

Best Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

If you’re only going to wear one piece of personal protective gear while riding your self-balancing scooter, a helmet is what you should wear. Hoverboard helmets protect the most important part of your body: your head! That’s where your brain is and while you may think you’re a pro rider who would never crash, you can’t predict what bumps you may encounter or if someone hits YOU. Wearing a helmet makes sure to protect you and your head in case there’s an unexpected crash.

While there aren’t really manufacturers making safety gear specifically for hoverboards, most gear made for skateboarders or rollerblading will work perfectly for riding a hoverboard. Even a bike helmet will work in a pinch (though you make look a little silly). If you need to buy a helmet, we’ve scoured all the options to find the best hoverboard helmets for adults. Check them out below.

Hoverboard Helmets for Adults

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

This is one of the most popular helmets among skateboarders and it works great for riding a hoverboard as well. Featuring the classic skate side cut helmet design, it comes in 15 trendy color options so you’re sure to find something to match your hoverboard. This helmet is comfortable to wear with adjustable straps and the Triple 8 sweat saver liner to keep you cool.

Note: this helmet does not meet the certification requirements for bicycle use, so it should only be used with a hoverboard or skates.

Available colors: Baja teal rubber, black glossy with green, black rubber with black, black rubber with red, black rubber with gray, carbon rubber with green, gold metallic, pink glossy, purple glossy, rasta yellow rubber, royal blue rubber, silver metallic, red rubber, white rubber, yellow, rubber

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

PROTEC Original Classic Helmet

If you want the skater look but are more concerned about safety ratings, hoverboard helmets from PROTEC Original are a great choice. Made with a high impact ABS shell and an EPS foam liner, this helmet is CPSC certified for hoverboards, skateboarding, cycling. and other action sports.

The design features 11 vent openings to help keep your head cool and comfortable interior padding. The 14 color options also give you a lot of flexibility, and the glow in the dark version adds extra safety if you ride at night. This helmet is a great option for beginners and riders who want a helmet they can use for multiple sports.

Available colors: black, white, gray, green, blue, black and red, red, white and red, pink, black and orange, glow in the dark, hosoi, yellow, gloss black

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Triple Eight Certified Helmet

If you’re brand loyal to Triple Eight and also want a safety certified helmet, this is a great option. With three safety cerificates, this helmet can be worn for riding your glideboard, cycling, and skateboarding.

Stay cool during summer thanks to the strategically place vents. They do offer fewer color options in this model than the non-certified helmet, but the 11 colors they do offer give you a good choice for something to match your self-balancing scooter.

Available colors: all black rubber, black gloss, blue rubber, GUTI blue, gold flake, gun rubber, kelly green rubber, pink metallic, purple glossy, Switzer orange, white rubber

Sizes:X-Small/Small, Small/Medium, Large/X-Large

Outdoor Master Bike and Skate Helmet

If you’re looking for a budget option (meaning a cheap hoverboard helmet), this helmet from Critical Cycles features all of the safety ratings at a more affordable price. With US CPSC safety standard certification, your head will be protected for simple riding and commuting or even if you attempt hoverboard tricks.

The interior padding wicks away sweat and smells keeping you dry and fresh for a full day or riding. With the lower price comes fewer color options, but sometimes money and safety are more important than fashion.

Available colors: gray, blue, deep blue, black, lemon, orange, pink, red, sea green, white, mint green

Sizes: small, medium, large

While you’re shopping for your helmet, don’t forget to pick up other hoverboard safety gear like pads and safety lights. Check out these must have hoverboard accessories. Turn your hoverboard into a Go Kart with add ons.