Hoverboard Safety Gear

Are Hoverboards Safe? (Safety Tips & Gear)

Hoverboards were the surprise electronics hit in 2015 and many children and adults rushed to get their own 2 wheel self-balancing scooter. But then concerns about the safety of the batteries meant hoverboard were temporarily banned from sale in the United States. Since then new rules and regulations were introduced and hoverboards are back on the market again. Even with safer hoverboard options available, many people are still wondering if hoverboards are safe, how to ride them safely, and if they need hoverboard safety gear. This article answers all of those questions for you. (Check out this article if you want to find out how hoverboards work.)

Are Hoverboards Safe?

In all honesty, hoverboards are about as safe as riding a skateboard or wearing a pair of rollerblades. There is a learning curve and a user’s safety and ability to ride without crashing increase with experience. Safety of riding a self balancing electric scooter is also determined with how it’s used and where. There’s more risk if you’re trying to do tricks in a skate park versus riding on the sidewalk in the park to catch Pokemon.

As far as the safety of the hoverboard itself, concerns over exploding batteries and fires have been taken care of by new legislation. All hoverboards sold in the United States must undergo electrical and fire safety testing and receive certification under UL 2272. These high standards mean the hoverboards on the market are much safer and should not have issues with overheating or fire if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Just like with a skateboard, rollerskates, or a bicycle, your safety increases if you use proper safety gear. Keep reading to find out our recommended safety gear for riding a hoverboard.

Hoverboard Safety Tips

Hoverboard Safe Riding TipsIf you’re brand new to riding a hoverboard, learn how to ride a hoverboard.

Make sure that any hoverboard you buy has the proper UL 2272 certification (you can verify this on the UL website).

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended charging times. Do not overcharge and make sure to charge your hoverboard away from flammable materials. Do not charge your hoverboard over night.

Learn to ride your hoverboard on a level surface away from car traffic, bikers, skateboarders, and other hoverboard users. Good locations are a home driveway or an empty parking lot. When you’re first starting, it helps to use a fence or railing that you can hold onto to stay balanced.

Ride on your hoverboard on the middle of your foot (not too much on the toe or heel) and stand with the widest stance possible. This will help you keep your balance.

Step backward to unmount your hoverboard. If you try to step forward, it increases your chances of falling.

Make sure you always stand up straight and look ahead when you ride. Do not look down at your feet.

Know your local laws for hoverboard riding. In some places, it is illegal to ride them on public property, sidewalks, or streets.

Always wear personal protective gear when riding your hoverboard (see our suggestions for hoverboard safety gear below).

Hoverboard Safety Gear

The best way to ensure safety from injury while riding a hoverboard is by wearing recommended safety gear. Many of these items are similar to what you would wear while riding a skateboard or using roller skates so the gear is usually easy to purchase. Remember that extra gear should be used when riding early in the morning, and also in the evening and at night to increase visibility.

Helmets for Hoverboards

Kids are advised to wear helmets while hoverboarding. adults and teenagers probably couldn’t go wrong by wearing helmets too–especially if they’re planning on hoverboarding on uneven surfaces or doing tricks on ramps, etc. Helmets come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, like this Star Wars R2D2 helmet, pictured.

When you shop for helmets, you don’t just want to look for the colors you like. Make sure the helmets meet current safety standards and are made for multi-sport purposes (like skating or skateboarding).

If you aren’t sure what to buy, check out our recommendations for adult hoverboard helmets and child size helmets.

Protective Pads for Hoverboards

Safety Gear and Protective Pads for Hoverboards<

Hoverboarding kids and anyone doing tricks on hoverboards will also need a set of skateboarding protective pads. Adult riders, especially those using their hoverboards for commuting in heavily trafficked areas, should also consider wearing knee and elbow pads to protect them in the case of a fall or collision.

Protective pads are usually sold in sets, marketed toward roller skating or skateboarding. These work great for hoverboarding as well. The pictured child-size set comes with knee guards, elbow pads, and wrist protectors, which are the main types of protection you’ll need in addition to your helmet.

Find adult protective pads here and see our recommendations for kids safety gear.

Hoverboard Safety Lights

Flashing LED Shoe Lights for Hoverboard RidingIf you or your children are riding their hoverboard where cars or cyclists are nearby, it’s essential to utilize some sort of safety lights to increase visibility and avoid accidents. Even if you don’t ride at night, inclement weather and fog can reduce visibility and endanger you near roads and on park paths. Some hoverboards have LED lights on them for nighttime safety and visibility, but not all of them do. And some hoverboards that do have lights only have lights on their front, not the back of the unit.

There are a variety of safety lights available that work great for hoverboarders. Anything made for cyclists or runners can easily be used when riding a hoverboard. We recommend having lights on your lower and upper body, as well as in front and in back of you so you’re fully visible to anyone. Shoe lights (like those pictured to the right) or hoverboard shoes are a great option for anyone who has a hoverboard that doesn’t have LED lights or only has lights on the front.

To light your upper body, you can choose from either clip-on lights, LED glow bracelets, or even a glow belt. We break down the different types of lights available in our article on hoverboard safety lights and visibility gear.

Need to buy a hoverboard for yourself or a family member? Check out our recommendations for safe hoverboards.

Still not convinced you want a hoverboard? Explore safe hoverboard alternatives.

The Coolest Hoverboard & Glideboard Accessories

Must Have Hoverboard Accessories

Once you finally pick out the perfect hoverboard, your shopping is not over. There are tons of hoverboard accessories available. Some are essential to protect you and your hoverboard, while others are just for fun. In this article, we break down all the different types of hoverboard accessories available so you can find the best ones to enhance your ride.

Hoverboard Cases

While you’ll spend most of your time riding your hoverboard, there will be times you need to carry it. A carrying case is the easiest way to do this as they protect your hoverboard from the elements and make handling the transporter easier. When shopping for a case, make sure that it is the right size for your hoverboard. Some hoverboard brands make their own cases specifically for their models, but we’re reviewing generic cases. Here are some of the best cases available.

Hoverboard Backpack Case

Hoverboards are often somewhat heavy, weighing 20 pounds or more, so that can be uncomfortable to carry around for long periods of time. This clever hoverboard case solves that problem by adding a pair of backpack straps so you can wear it like a backpack. It also has a mesh pocket for your hoverboard’s charging cable or anything else. If the backpack style doesn’t work for you, it also has a carrying handle to carry your hoverboard like a briefcase. Made from durable nylon with a waterproof lining that protects against rain and snow.

Available Colors: black, red

Hoverboard Sizes: Up to 7″ wheels, max 23.5″ length

Rolling Hoverboard Case & Backpack

If you find the weight of your hoverboard too much to carry, this is a great alternative. This 2 in 1 case works as a backpack or as a rolling case. Working like a carry on roller bag, this case has a collapsible handle so you can easily roll the bag behind you while you walk. When you’re feeling enthusiastic, you can use the adjustable shoulder straps to wear the case like a backpack.

Hoverboard Sizes: 6.5″ wheels only

Hoverboard Hard Case

If you want to protect your hoverboard from damage, the best way to do it is with a hard case. This case looks like it should have some sort of musical instrument inside, but it’s designed to fit hoverboards. It’s water resistant with a tough outer case to protect your hoverboard from dings and damage. For carrying options, there is a hand held handle or a shoulder strap.

Hoverboard Sizes: 6.5″ wheels only


You can take your hoverboard riding to a new level with a hoverkart. These are kits that you buy to transform your hoverboard from a two wheel balance board to a go-kart like vehicle.

Hoverboard Go Kart

With this hoverkart frame, your two wheel self balancing electric scooter attaches to the cart and functions as the back wheels. When you sit in the cart, your feet go on the front rests and you steer the hoverboard and control the speedd using the pull rods.

The hoverboard is attached using nylon straps, so it works with any size hoverboard. The frame has four length adjustment options, so this can be ridden by shorter children and adults as well. This is a nice investment so everyone in the family can enjoy riding the hoverboard, even if they have terrible balance.

Check out more hoverboard cart adapters.

Protective & Decorative Hoverboard Decals

One drawback of many hoverboard models on the market right now is they look very similar to one another. The easiest way to differentiate your hoverboard from all the others is by getting one of the more than 100 hoverboard decal kits that are now available. For an affordable price, you can get some really slick hoverboard sticker designs that can make your board stand out from the rest.

Check out more hoverboard decals here

If you’re worried about your hoverboard getting scratched or dinged up, or you just want to give your ride a new look that will protect it, consider a silicone hoverboard cover. These are made to fit most traditionally designed 6.5″ hoverboards. They snuggly fit on your hoverboard like a silicone case fits on your phone. They also come in a variety of colors and are affordable enough to buy a few so you can change up the look of your hoverboard when your mood changes.

Check out silicone hoverboard covers

Learn how to customize your hoverboard.

Nighttime Safety Shoe Lights for Hoverboard Riders

Some hoverboards have LED lights on them for nighttime safety and visibility, but not all of them. And some hoverboards that do have lights only have lights on their front, not the back of the unit. These slick safety lights clip to the rear of your sneakers and allow you to be visible from cars approaching behind you. They illuminate either a solid red (like a car’s tail lights) or a flashing strobe red glow. (Find more hoverboard safety gear here)

Personal Protective Gear

Best Hoverboard Accessories and Safety GearSafety is extremely important when you’re riding a hoverboard. Even though you may not think of safety gear as accessories for your new hoverboard, you should be. The main danger with riding a hoverboard is that you may fall off and injure yourself. The main types of gear you should consider wearing is helmets to protect your head from serious injury (this is especially important if you ride in the street with other vehicles) and protective pads for your wrists, elbows, and knees.

We have detailed articles about each type of protective gear:

Hoverboard Helmets for Adults
Hoverboard Helmets for Children
Hoverboard Safety Gear for Children
Hoverboard Lights and Visibility Gear

Hoverboards for Kids

5 Best Hoverboards for Kids & Children 2024

Not every hoverboard is appropriate for kids or children; some hoverboards are large, heavy, difficult to operate and are capable of traveling quite fast. Luckily, some hoverboard manufacturers are making smaller, lighter, and slower hoverboards with kids in mind. These hoverboards are designed with the latest safety standards and all meet UL2272 safety certification.

When shopping for kids look for hoverboards with 6.5″ wheel sizes or smaller. They are lighter, making them easier for your children to carry and the small wheel sizes make them easier to maneuver by smaller riders. Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews for the best hoverboards for kids.

5 Best Hoverboards for Kids & Children

Hoverboards for Kids Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for children’s hoverboards. If you want to read our in-depth review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

NamePhotoRatingWheel SizeFeaturesBuy
Sisigad Pure Color
4 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 9 miles, max speed: 6 mph, LED safety & wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers
Swagtron Twist
4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 3-5 miles, max speed: 6 mph, learning mode
Cho Power Sports
4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchmax distance: 10-15 miles, max speed: 6.5mph, Bluetooth speakers
LieEagle Flash Light
4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 10 miles, max speed: 7.5 mph, LED lights, wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers
Segway Ninebot S Kids
4.5 Star Rating8.5 inchMax distance: 8 miles, max speed: 8.7 mph, LED tail lights, mobile app, knee control bar, Bluetooth speakers

Want to compare all of the hoverboards we’ve reviewed? Check out our Hoverboard Comparison Chart.

Best Hoverboards for Kids Reviews

Sisigad Pure Color Hoverboard for Kids

If you want a reliable classic hoverboard model that’s well sized for children, check this one out. The Sisigad Pure Color series is perfectly sized for kids with 6.5″ wheels and includes LED lights on the front, bumpers, and even the wheels for extra visibility. The big feature that really makes the Pure Color series a great hoverboard for kids is the easy ride mode that’s perfect for young and beginning riders to learn. In addition to the UL safety certification, this self-balancing scooter provides extra safety with its battery management to prevent overheating.

If your child has been begging for a hoverboard with cool features, Sisigad delivers them at an affordable price. The Pure Color series features awesome multi-color LED lights on the wheels and built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music as you ride.

Available colors: black, blue, white, pink, camo pink, carbon green, green, green and gray, orange and gray, yellow and gray, spray black, spray blue, spray white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 6-9 miles

Notable features: UL2272 safety certification, LED front, bumper, and wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers rubber tires, 3-5 hour charge time, min weight 44 lb, max weight 260 lb

Swagtron Swagboard Twist Hoverboard for Kids

Swagtron is one of the top hoverboard brands and they’ve been around since the beginning of the trend. The Swagboard Twist is designed specifically for new riders and is advertised as their entry-level board. The best feature for young riders is the learning mode, which restricts riding speeds while they’re first learning how to operate the board. It also helps prevent the hoverboard from suddenly going too fast, which reduces falls.

Kids don’t care about safety features, but they will like how cool this hoverboard looks. It has bright LED headlights and flashing LED wheels. It doesn’t have Bluetooth speakers, but the smaller size and affordable price make it great for young riders (recommended for riders 8 years old and up). This is the perfect hoverboard option for children and teens.

Available colors: black, white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 3-5 miles

Notable features: max weight 185 lbs, riding distance 11-15 miles, charging time 1-2 hours, remote control, LED headlights, UL 2272 Safety Certification, battery indicators, 30 degree climbing, 5 year battery warranty

Cho Power Sports Kids Hoverboard

If you want your child to stand out from all of the other hoverboards on the block, the Cho Power Sport features a cool new design for an affordable and perfectly kid sized self balancing scooter. While the design is sleeker and more modern than other brands, it is still a 6.5″ hoverboard which is great for kids and teens. It has a weight limit of 160 lbs, so some adults can ride it too. This is a street hoverboard, so it can only be ridden on smooth surfaces like sidewalks and streets.

One of the reasons the Power Sports hoverboard is so good for kids is it only has a max speed of 6.5 mph, so your child can’t ride too fast. It also has a riding range of 10-15 miles, providing plenty of fun time between charges. You can easily tote your hoverboard around thanks to the built in carry handle. If you want to listen to music, use the built in Bluetooth speakers to play your faves. This is a great option for kids of any age.

Available colors: black, gold, purple, black numbers, blue numbers, pink numbers

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6.5 mph

Max Distance: 10-15 miles

Rider Weight Range: up to 160lbs.

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, front lights, wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers, easy carry handle, no slip foot pads, three month warranty

LieEagle Flash Lights Hoverboard

If you’re looking for a hoverboard for kids with a little more pizzaz, check this out. LieEagle makes a “Flash Wheel” model that is made to be seen. It features LED headlights on the wheel bumpers and along the front of the hoverboard, but what really sets this model apart from the others is the lights on the wheels. These lights are super fun and also help your child stay visible when they’re riding.

In addition to the fun lights, the Hoverheart also has built-in Bluetooth speakers, so your child can enjoy their favorite tunes while they ride. It also has all the required safety certifications and is made from fire-safe plastic. This model only goes up to 7.5 miles per hour, which is perfect for most kids.

Available colors: Black Chrome, Blue Chrome, Gold Chrome, Turquoise Chrome, Pink Chrome, Purple Chrome, Rosegold Chrome

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 7.5 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, min weight: 44 lbs., max weight: 264 lbs., Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, wheel lights, bumper lights, 2-3 hour charge time, three month warranty

Segway Ninebot S Kids Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Segway makes premium personal transporters that offer a ton of fun for all ages. In fact, the Segway Ninebot S is one of our favorite optons for adult riders and we were thrilled when they launched the kids version. All the reliable features of the S and S Plus have been downsized for younger riders, with safer slower speeds, lighter weight, and more fun color options. While the design isn’t great for doing tricks on, it’s perfect for riding around and easier to operate than other board-like hoverboards. The big thing you’ll notice that’s different about the Segway Ninebot S Kids is the kneebar. This makes riding it easier, as it helps you steer and maneuver the hoverboard.

Recommended for kids 8 years old and up, this model is easy to ride on the sidewalk or even the road–and it even includes taillights for increased visibility. Another feature that sets it apart from the other hoverboards for kids is the mobile app. This free app allows you to lock the transporter, update the firmware, diagnose problems, track ride statistics, and customize the LED lights. It also has a guide to help you learn to ride it. And if you kid is looking for some fun music to ride to, this model also features Bluetooth speakers!

All these fantastic features do come at a higher price than some of the other hoverboards on this list. If you can afford it, the reliability and advanced features are worth it for your kids. We highly recommend this model if you’re looking for something everyone in the family can ride (including adults!).

Available colors: blue, pink white

Wheel Size: 8.5″

Max Speed: 8.7 mph

Max Distance: 8 miles

Recommended Age: 8 years old and up (3’6″–5’9″ tall)

Notable features: 1600 watt dual motor engine, padded kneebar for precision steering, can carry up to 132 lbs., 3 riding modes, aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, Bluetooth mobile app, Bluetooth speakers, customizable LED safety lights, anti-theft security alarm, 4 hour charging time

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Hoverboards For Kids

best hoverboards for kids

Are hoverboards safe?

In 2015 and early 2016 a number of hoverboards caught fire due to faulty batteries. The hoverboards that were involved have since been recalled and are no longer on sale. The hoverboards that you can buy today are re-engineered with UL-certified batteries that are now safe and tested for quality.

When you’re shopping for hoverboards, look for UL2272 safety certification. That means the hoverboard has met the latest safety standards in testing and will be safe for your kids and family to ride.

How old should a child be before they can ride a hoverboard?

Many hoverboard manufacturers specify a minimum age requirement, averaging around 8 years old. Others just give a minimum weight requirement for young riders. Most of the best kid hoverboards are designed to support riders that are at least 40 lbs. Usually, that is about age five and up, though some four-year-olds may meet that weight requirement. Our recommendation for parents is to take into consideration several factors before you buy a hoverboard for your child.

Obviously, meeting the minimum weight is important so they can safely maneuver the board. I would also take into consideration coordination and balance. If your kid loves rollerskating, skateboarding, or bike riding and is able to master the skills to do those types of activities successfully and enjoys them, they will probably love riding a hoverboard. If your kid is not outdoorsy and has poor coordination or balance, a hoverboard may be tricky for them to learn and you may want to start them with a safe hoverboard alternative.

How much is a hoverboard for kids?

Currently there are a variety of hoverboards on the market at different price points, from cheap hoverboards to expensive brand names with tons of fancy features. You can expect to spend between $100 to $200 for most hoverboards for kids, but may spend more if you want extra features like Bluetooth speakers or a rugged off-road hoverboard.

What is the weight limit for hoverboards for kids? Can adults use them too?

The weight limit on kids’ hoverboards varies from model to model but it’s not uncommon for children’s hoverboards to allow users up to 220 or even 260 pounds. Many of them have minimum weights as well, usually 40 lbs., so keep that in mind if your child is on the smaller side. If you want to buy a hoverboard that the whole family can enjoy, make sure to pay attention to the minimum and maximum weight limits before you buy. Learn more about hoverboard weight limits.

Do children need to wear safety gear while riding a hoverboard?

Yes! Proper safety gear is essential for any hoverboard rider, especially kids. When they first learn to ride, they will probably fall off and get a few scrapes and bumps. Just like with bikes, skateboards, and roller skates, helmets and pads are essential to prevent injuries. Even when your kid becomes a hoverboard pro, there’s still a chance of accidents, especially if they ride in areas with other riders, skaters, and cyclists. A hoverboard helmet is the absolute minimum safety gear a kid should wear when they ride. You should also consider buying safety pads and safety lights for your kid. In addition to personal protective gear, you should also monitor your children while they’re riding to help them avoid dangerous situations and also assist them if they have any problems.

Check out our full article on hoverboard safety gear for kids.

Do hoverboards for kids have speakers?

Some models of hoverboards include built-in speakers that can be controlled by a person’s iPhone or Android device wirelessly with Bluetooth to play music. While they are a common feature, not every model has these built-in speakers however so if they’re important to you, you’ll have to double-check each model you consider to make sure they have it.

What happens when the hoverboards run out of battery?

Hoverboard batteries last different amounts of time (or riding distance) depending on various factors like use, speed, whether or not you’re riding on a hill, etc. Some hoverboards have low battery indicators to let the user know when they’re running low on battery. Most hoverboards also have a safe-stop mechanism that will stop the hoverboard in a balanced rolling stop when power is extremely low to prevent a sudden fall.

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Safe Hoverboards for Sale in 2016

6 Best Cheap & Affordable Hoverboards under $150 in 2024

Affordable Hoverboards: Best Cheap Hoverboards Under $150

Hoverboards can be expensive, even retailing for more than $1,000 in some cases. Luckily, a number of manufacturers are now making cheap hoverboards that are much more affordable. As with most things, you get what you pay for when you’re buying cheap hoverboards and they may be missing some of the cool features of luxury brands. But if you’re new to hoverboards or on a budget, these can make a great purchase or gift for newbies. You can always upgrade to a fancier model later.

Because of the new safety requirements put in place to sell hoverboards in the USA in 2016, it is rare but possible to find a hoverboard priced under $100. Most cheap hoverboards are under $150, and many of them have cool features like Bluetooth speakers. But if you’re looking for fast hoverboards or rugged off-road models, you’ll need to spend more than $150. Keep that in mind as you browse these cheap hoverboards. Prices fluctuate constantly online, so it’s good to check out all of the options.

Check out our comparison chart and then the reviews in the next section.

Cheap Hoverboards Comparison Chart

Check out our comparison chart for cheap hoverboards. If you want to read our in-depth review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

NamePhotoRatingWheel SizeFeaturesBuy
LIEEAGLE Wheel Lights
4 Star Rating6.5 inchMax speed: 8 mph, LED headlights & wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers
Sisigad Pure Color
4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 9 miles, max speed: 9mph, LED safety & wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers
4 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 7.5 miles, LED wheel bumper & headlights
4 Star Rating6.5 inchMax speed: 6 mph, safety certified, Bluetooth speakers
4 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 7 miles, speed: 9 mph, LED headlights bumper & wheel lights
5 Star Rating6.5 inchMax distance: 9 miles, speed: 7 mph, LED lights

Want to compare all of the hoverboards we’ve reviewed? Check out our Hoverboard Comparison Chart.

Cheap Hoverboard Reviews

LIEEAGLE Wheel Lights Hoverboard

A lot of the cheap hoverboards available are boring looking, lacking features and cool color options. LIEEAGLE offers a hoverboard for kids and adults that is not only cool looking, but packed with premium features. With 6.5″ wheels, this model is perfectly sized and priced for kids, teens, or new adult riders. It has all the basic features: LED headlights for night riding, rubber tires, and a safety certified lithium free battery. The design is best for sidewalk and street riding. For new riders, this is a great entry-level board. It automatically self balances when you turn it on, making it easy to mount and step off without losing your balance.

But what about the cool features? In addition to cool color options, the LIEEAGLE also features flash wheel lights that look super cool when you ride, especially in low light situations. YOu can also listen to your music thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Available colors: black, blue, pink, green camo, pink camo, teal

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 8 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Rider Weight Range: 44 lbs. to 264 lbs.

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, battery indicator light, 15 degree climbing capability, Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, wheel lights, bumper lights, three month warranty

Sisigad Pure Color Hoverboard

If you want an affordable hoverboard that will let you jam out to your favorite tunes while you ride, check out this bold model from Sisigad. Perfect for casual riding and buzzing around the neighborhood or college campuses, the Pure Color line has all the basic features new riders need plus a little pizzaz. The solid rubber 6.5″ tires make this self balancing scooter perfectly sized for anyone in your family.

Beginners will enjoy the self-balancing mode that helps you stay balanced as you learn to ride a hoverboard. People will definitely notice you as you glide by thanks to the color LED wheel lights and the two LED headlights, plus your favorite music playing from the Bluetooth speakers. Sisigad has all the features you need in an entry-level hoverboard at a very affordable price.

Available colors: black, blue, white, pink, camo pink, carbon green, green, green and gray, orange and gray, yellow and gray, spray black, spray blue, spray white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 9 mph

Max Distance: 6-9 miles

Notable features: UL2272 safety certification, LED front, bumper, and wheel lights, Bluetooth speakers rubber tires, 3-5 hour charge time, min weight 44 lb, max weight 260 lb

Cho 6.5″ Hoverboard

Cho is one of the hoverboard brands that has been around from the beginning, so it’s no surprise they offer a few cheap options in their line-up. Their 6.5″ hoverboard features the classic design style of hoverboards meant for street riding, with a few extra features. If you like to be seen while you ride, this model features LED headlights, bumper lights, and wheel lights. The chrome color options look slick. This is not a rugged hoverboard, it works best on smooth surfaces like sidewalks and driveways and does not ride well on grass or carpet. But it’s a great basic model for kids and new riders.

If music and Bluetooth speakers are important to you, pay attention when you order. Some of the cheaper colors do not have Bluetooth speakers, but the price difference was only $10-15 at the time of this writing, so it’s not an expensive upgrade.

Available colors: black, white, blue, chrome blue, chrome gold, chrome pink, chrome purple

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Distance: 7.5 miles

Charge Time: 3-5 hours

Weight Range: 45lbs – 220lbs

Notable features: UL Safety Certification, LED safety lights, non-slip foot pads,

Check out more hoverboards for kids. If you’re buying a hoverboard for your child, don’t forget to get safety gear for kids, too.

XPRIT Hoverboard

Affordable price? Check. Safety features? Check. Bluetooth speakers? Check. Xprit offers a competitive price on their entry level hoverboard. This model is great for kids and teens, offering all the basic safety features with some extra fun. In addition to LED headlights, it has fun wheel lights so you can cruise in style. It also has anti-slip rubber footpads, making it easier to ride and maneuver the glideboard. The rubber 6.5″ tires are great for riding on the sidewalk, the road, or in the park. Then kick it up a notch by playing your favorite songs on the Bluetooth speakers.

Recommended for kids age 7 and up, most of the family can enjoy riding this hoverboard as well. The max riding speed of 6 mph is great for younger kids and new riders to learn on. Mind the upper weight limit, which is lower than other 6.5″ hoverboards. Riders over 165 lbs. should buy a different hoverboard.

Available colors: black, blue, camouflage, pink, white, yellow

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 45- 75 minutes of ride time

Rider Weight Range: 45 to 165 lbs.

Charging Time: 2 – 3 hours

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, solid rubber wheels, Bluetooth speakers, LED wheel lights and headlights

Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboard

Felimoda offers a range of classic design hoverboards from the affordable to some of the cheapest available. At the time of this writing, pricing varies based on color choices and also Bluetooth speakers, so check out a few options if you’re on a strict budget. Felimoada is offering a lot of the most popular features for entry level hoverboards, including the ever popular wheel lights to compliment the LED headlights and bumper lights.

This is a great choice for kids and new riders as it has a “kids riding mode” that makes it easy to learn. However, this is one of the faster hoverboards available at this price range, with speeds up to 9 mph, which may be great for adults but you may not want your children zipping around at those speeds. Safety certification and a smart battery monitoring system make this a safe model that will not overheat.

Available colors: Blue, black, teal green, pink, purple, white, camo, pink camo, chrome blue, chrome purple, chrome gold, chrome rainbow, graffiti, starry sky

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 9 mph

Max Distance: 7 miles

Rider Weight Range: up to 264 lbs

Notable features: UL2272 Certified, 15 degree climbing angle, Bluetooth speakers (select models), LED headlights, bumper lights, and wheel lights, smart battery monitoring

Flying Ant Hoverboard

Another cheap hoverboard to consider is this entry-level model from Flying-Ant. It’s similar to many other brands on this list in design in features, but one of the things that makes it stand out right now is the cool design options that go beyond the typical matte and chrome color options. They offer black and blue “graffiti” patterns, as well as a green patterned overboard, a starry night design, and a pink camo one.

The features of the Flying-Ant hoverboard are similar to others in this price range. It has LED headlights as well as fender lights and wheel lights. Plus the built-in Bluetooth speaker means you can jam out to your favorite music as you ride (some color options do not have Bluetooth included, so pay attention before you order). This model is great for riding on concrete or on the street. It is not waterproof, so don’t ride it through puddles or in the rain.

Available colors: black, blue, pink, white, light blue, green pattern, black graffiti, blue graffiti, pink camo, blue starry night

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 7 mph

Max Distance: 6-9 miles

Rider Weight Range:

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Notable features: UL2272 Certified, Bluetooth speaker, climbs up to 15 degree angle, includes carrying bag

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What are Hoverboards? How do Hoverboards Work?

What are Hoverboards & How do Hoverboards Work?

It used to be that hoverboards were a thing of science-fiction fantasies and retrofuture dreams. The most well known hoverboard was the Mattel hoverboard from Back to the Future II. While a flying skateboard is still beyond our reality, hoverboards became one of the hottest gadgets in 2015 and since then is a beloved personal transporter of kids, teens, and adults. Find out all about hoverboards and how they work in this article.

What is the name of a two-wheeled scooter?

You’ve probably seen people riding around on electric scooters that look like a Segway without a handlebar. These new devices go by many names, the most popular being “hoverboard.” Other come names are “glideboards,” “balance boards,” “self-balancing personal transporter,” or “self-balancing electric scooters.”

Some people not familiar with them may call them “two wheeled self balancing electric vehicles,” “two wheel stand up electric scooter,” or “two wheel scooter.”

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are no longer just a thing of the movies. In a nutshell, these personal mobility devices are essentially Segways without the steering handle. Invented in 2013, the transporter is made of two motorized wheels connected in the middle by two footpads which are used to control and steer the hoverboard. (Learn how to ride a hoverboard.)

Hoverboards are compact, often fit in a backpack or under your arm and can be carried and used anywhere where there is a flat surface (as long as they’re legal– which they aren’t in New York City or London because of traffic congestion). Some people have even been using hoverboards off-road but we wouldn’t recommend that unless you buy a rugged model. The hoverboards come in a variety of sizes, often based on the size of the wheels.

How do Hoverboards Work?

Hoverboards have two self-balancing gyroscopes that connect to separate motors for each wheel, which allows the unit to balance and move in the direction that the person riding the hoverboard wants. Hoverboards are split down the middle and connected by an axle so that the left wheel can turn out of sync with the right wheel (which allows the person on the hoverboard to spin around in a circle).

Are Hoverboards Safe?

In late 2015, there were many instances of hoverboards catching on fire due to their batteries overheating and exploding. This resulted in a variety of hoverboard models being recalled and banned from sale in the United States because of those safety concerns. As a result, new UL certification standards were put in place to end these battery issues. Any hoverboard sold in the US or Canada today must have UL 2272 certification. (Learn more about the certification.)

With the new safety standards, hoverboards are as safe as electric skateboards and other personal transporters. We recommend wearing the same safety gear you would wear on a skateboard, if you’re new to it or planning on doing extreme hoverboard tricks, wearing knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet may be advisable. When you’re first learning how to ride a hoverboard you are much more likely to fall.

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How Much do Hoverboards Cost?

Even though hoverboards are a newer gadget, there is already a wide range of hoverboards from various manufacturers available, with prices ranging from over $1,000 down to only a few hundred dollars (Related: Top 5 Cheap hoverboards). As with anything, you get what you pay for though so choose your hoverboard carefully. We recommend these hoverboard brands if you’re looking for a reliable two wheel self balancing transport.

Where can you purchase a Hoverboard?

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